Monday, June 1, 2009

Earrings from Pling


Came home to a lovely package on Saturday. My earrings from Pling had arrived! :)

I stumbled upon Pling some time ago and have been subscribed on its mailing list since. The collections are updated at least once a month and I like the whimsical and interesting designs.

This is the first time I bought something from Pling though not the first time I contacted them with my queries. Tracy, the owner, is a pleasure to deal with. She answers my email queries very promptly and is very good at customising her designs.

My ears get allergic reactions to pierced earrings, so I don't wear them anymore unless I find something which I really like and can customise them to screw ear wires on my own. Screw ear wires are hard to come by in Singapore, so I don't do that much.

Imagine my delight when Tracy said she could customise them for me and would send them out the following day. The package arrived promptly the day after. These were what I got from the Gold Rush collection:


Gold-plated filigree with smoky quartz


Emerald swirls


These had a nice heft and feel to them. Workmanship was refined, the gold of the ear wires matched the earrings exactly (thanks Tracy :) ). Self-portraits were done by my point and shoot but I think they don't do the earrings justice. These are not recommended for the office unless you work in more creative environments. However, these would go well with T-shirt and jeans, or a nice summer dress. I can also wear it to dinners with dressier clothes.



On top of all these goodies, Tracy also included a lovely antique looking ring made from nickel free backing :) I love rings. I used to have lots of rings in various designs and materials until a burglary cleaned my family out one day, including all my stuff like my jewellery and watches. But that's another story for another time.

Do pop by Pling Online for more goodies :)

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Yumeko said...

but wat are screw ear wires??

Audaud said...

I'm checking out the online store! ;)

Jamilla Camel said...

LOVE those Emerald Swirls!!!

pinky"the-middle-name-is-princess"beanie said...

Hi Judy :) the screw ear wires are adjustable clip ons for unpierced ears. Take a look at this link for the pic :)

Whit said...

i looove those earrings!

Angela said...

Very pretty!