Thursday, July 23, 2009

Say hello to my latest summer dress

Thanks to the many online ads as I go about my daily business, I've been greatly aided and abetted in doing some serious online shopping. So much for being on a shopping diet; I think I completely forgot about that since my Guerlain purchases.

Since the temperature has been climbing steadily recently, I was on the lookout for a nice (read: cheap & pretty) summer dress for the weekends. Came across while surfing one blue Monday and was attracted by the dresses available on the site. For ladies who're more inclined towards Japanese and Korean fashion, this is a nice place to check out esp if you're new to online shopping.

There's a size chart, payment terms are clearly laid out, shipping fees are free for people residing in Singapore (yay!) and they also provide larger images of the items sold.

I placed an order for the Suzanne Floral Maxi Dress on Monday. An invoice arrived in my inbox within 2 hours and I was asked to make payment before my order is shipped out to me. Payment was fuss free via PayPal and I liked the fact that PayPal had a verification status on this seller. Yes, it doesn't guarantee a lot of stuff but hey, it made me feel better anyways ;)

Maybe I just live in a small place ok? Order was placed on Monday and I got my dress on Wed. Yippee! I'm glad. Here're some pics of my new dress. Do you like it as much as I do? ;)

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Food glorious food

The weather has been sweltering recently. I've taken to drinking more icy stuff. Appetite tends to go off in weather like this but thankfully, there's always nice toasted sandwiches with loads of cheese :)


Icy fruity strawberry & peach ice blended drink

Cheesy toast sandwich with olive oil veggie dressing

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Guerlain 2009 Summer Look Workshop

So, I attended the Guerlain workshop yesterday :)

There was a fairly big turnout, maybe around 30 participants if I'm not mistaken? The presenter was a trainer with Guerlain whose name I couldn't quite catch. The presentation started off with an introduction to the House of Guerlain - their history, their philosophy on perfumes, makeup and skincare.

Then it went on to showcase the summer collection. I've to say, the containers/packaging of the summer collection is LOVE *hearts* If you've used Japanese, French and cosmetics from various different places, you know how each brand reflects a certain cultural design aesthetic and sensibility? Well, Guerlain is pure French - thoughtful, whimsical, delightful.

Anyway, a volunteer was requested from the audience after which the trainer proceeded to showcase the various products from the summer collection. The products used were also passed around and I had the chance to test out the texture of various things as they came by. The textures were delightful for the creams and gels: light, not sticky, absorbs quickly and with a light fragrance. Now, you know I'm not a fan of scented stuff, so I could do without the fragrance but otherwise I was really tempted to break my shopping diet ;D

After the demonstration, we were invited to several different tables where mirrors and products were already prepared. Tissues, cotton buds were passed around for ladies who wished to remove their makeup and try on the summer collection.

I wandered around the various standees looking at the products on display. Had a tiring day and was abt to call it a night when my eyes rested on a small table by the side. There were testers available though no one was around to do any show and tell. Managed to get some questions through to the trainer as she passed by and realised this was the Terracotta collection.

I was very impressed by the design aesthetics and product textures of a few things which I tried. Being on a shopping diet, took some time before I convinced myself and surrendered to the siren's call of "Buy, buy, buy" ;P Finally narrowed down the list to 3 ;)

Here are the photos of what I got, the goodie bag and some photos from the evening. Enjoy!

Testing out the blue Kohl eyeliner for the summer range

Guerlain's summer collection

The colours for the summer KISSKISS stick gloss

My goodie bag

Samples galore - can't wait to try them out

The stuff I bought from the Terracotta collection

L-R: tinted lip balm, mineral eyeshadow in Holy Smoke, mineral eyeshadow in Paradise Sand

A thoughtful touch: a mirror hidden in the cap of the lip balm

The eyeshadow applicator got me: looks like a little cotton stub, oh-so-easy to apply

To find out more about Guerlain, click here.

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Friday, July 10, 2009


Oh my, oh my, oh my.

I'm actually going to attend some beauty thingy!!!! *rubs eyes and looks at the email invite again*

Okies, for the more experienced beauty bloggers out there, it may be a small thing n they may be inviting like tons of people n stuff, so cool it girl. But for a noob like me, it's quite a big deal. Esp when I wasn't expecting it.

Let me backtrack a little. Y'all know I get email updates from Cozycot ya. So I got a little excited when I received a news update that there's going to be a makeup workshop for Guerlain where we get to check out the summer collection and maybe have some hands on? I'm like, yes, I wanna go!

So, emailed my registration. And guess what? Got an email reply which I reproduce here in its entirety:
Dear Cotter,

Thank you for your registration.

Selected cotter will receive an separate email confirmation from CozyCot. Attendance is strictly by email confirmation. Walk-in will not be entertained.

With love,
CozyCot Crew

Oh ok. So how does the selection go? Do I have to be like one of the really "subscribed-to" bloggers or something? With this in mind, I basically forgot abt this event. To be plain, I thought no way I'd get selected.

So, here I am, on a Friday afternoon in the office: doing wat I need to do at work, waiting for my weekend, checking my emails. Then I got this:

Woot! ;) Maybe I should print this out in case they sent it to the wrong person?

I wonder if I'm allowed to take photos? hehehe...

Now I'm really looking forward to next Fri too.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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I've been sticking closely to my skincare n makeup routine these days. Or make that just skincare n sunscreen routine ;P Lol.

Nothing new in the beauty department. I have however been eating n eating n eating. It's durian season here, so boy, have I been stuffing. Was introduced to a family-run business dealing in these luscious fruits recently. When you get the good stuff, there is really no turning back. I realised these babies can be as good as wine - there're different varieties, different tastes or flavours, different notes to each flavour. Yum...

Too busy pigging out to take photos. However, I came across a really good ice-cream coupon today, so thought I'd like to share that :) If you stay in the same country as I do, enjoy your ice-cream!! :)

Between 8 to 14 July 2009, enjoy 20% discount off any ice cream when you present this exclusive omy coupon at Marble Slab Creamery. T&Cs apply.
Download the coupon now!

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Welcome to July!

Sorry I've been missing in action for a while. June was a busy month for me in the office and personally. Was working on some projects at work and went travelling a bit... Before I knew it, whoosh! There goes the month of June.

Have been keeping to my skin care and bb cream essentials for June. Finding it such freedom: it is a comfort to wake up in the morning n just go through my routine :) Plus these items WORK for me, so that makes it double happiness.

As a way to commemorate the end of June, I had some delicious Singapore hawker food for lunch yesterday. Leaving you with a picture of it here.

Happy July!! v*^-^*v

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