Monday, December 28, 2009

Watsons Facial Masks

Merry Christmas everyone! How did you spend your Christmas and Boxing Day?

I had been feasting non-stop since lunch on Christmas eve. Didn't have much inclination nor stamina (to be honest) to brave the crowds even though there were lots of sales and much bargain hunting to be done.

However, I happened to be at Watsons over the Christmas weekend. It was a spur-of-the-moment thingy where I was trying to walk off my after lunch stupor (yeap, it happens from all that feasting). Came across the Watsons housebrand essence masks and I couldn't resist.

In the end I walked out of the store with the Bird's Nest essence mask and the Green Tea anti-oxidant mask. Apparently there is some major discounting going on at the moment: I got both masks at $21. Each box contain 6 masks, which makes that 12 masks at the price of $21. I'm thinking maybe I should have gotten more ... LOL. But I've not used either masks before, and with my sensitive skin, it's better to err on the side of caution, eh? ;)

Here's the promo poster I received in my inbox today. Sale ends 27 Jan 2010, so you may wanna check it out :) Happy shopping!

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wild Horses

Ok, so this isn't quite beauty related. I'm sorry BUT I couldn't resist. Despite me going gaga n all fangirly over loads of pop acts recently, it's been a LOOOOOONG while since I got goosebumps while listening to someone sing.

THIS gave me GOOSEBUMPS, of the good kind. It's beautiful.

Read more about this song, "Wild Horses", from Wikipedia.

Wild Horses
Written by Mick Jagger/Keith Richards

Childhood living is easy to do
The things you wanted I bought them for you
Graceless lady you know who I am
You know I can't let you slide through my hands
Wild horses, couldn't drag me away
Wild wild horses couldn't drag me away

I watched you suffer a dull aching pain
Now you decided to show me the same
No sweeping exits or off stage lines
Could make me feel bitter or treat you unkind
Wild horses, couldn't drag me away
Wild wild horses couldn't drag me away

I know I've dreamed you a sin and a lie
I have my freedom but I don't have much time
Faith has been broken tears must be cried
Let's do some living after we die
Wild horses, couldn't drag me away
Wild wild horses we'll ride them someday
Wild horses, couldn't drag me away
Wild wild horses we'll ride them someday

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Liz Lisa Mook

Was browsing at Kinokuniya and guess what I saw? :)

Liz Lisa mook out now and there's a gift with purchase attached :)

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas is coming

Hi everyone, how's it going? It's been a while since I updated and we're now in the month of Dec.

Yup, Dec. Christmas is coming! Woot ^^

This is going to be a happy month for me: filled with feasting and more merry-making.

Went shopping after a huge lunch today with my colleagues. This caught my eye.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009


Got this from recently n loving it! :)

Testing out mobile blogging wif this post.

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Review: Foltene Eyelash & Eyebrow treatment

Remember this Foltene treatment that I tried a while ago? Well, I've to say I tried it out and managed to finish one tube of the treatment before I got lazy. Heh.

What I liked:
  • There was no smell. You know I've this thing abt heavily scented/fragranced stuff ya? ;)
  • It didn't irritate my eyes *thumbs up*
  • It seemed to work
What I didn't like:
  • You need to be diligent with this aka no slacking, just put it on every day.
  • It's not as cheap as some of the other treatments on the market. I would say this is more of an observation; there're more expensive treatments out there too, so this would be a relatively mid-priced option ESP since I got this at a discount ;)
What I did:
  • Apply as I would a mascara
  • Brushed it on my eyelashes every nite before bed (or as much as I could remember to. I was too tired at times n simply forgot *oops*)
  • Wash my face as usual in the morning tho I did pay a little more attention to my lashes by "wiping" them down a little. It's one of my idiosyncrasies I guess. Even if a mask says there's no need to wash off, I tend to use water to cleanse off any perceived residue.
And the results ... ... (don't be freaked out by the photos ya)

What I started with:

On-going process:

At the end:

The photos don't seem to reveal much difference, do they? ;) Well, I'm not sure if it's psychological but I really saw a difference as soon as one week after I started using the product. My lashes seemed fuller, they were easier to curl (n hold the curl better too); I just could see more of them.

I've to admit, I lost interest after one tube n haven't been paying attention to my lashes since, SO I've no idea if the effect has worn off after I stopped using this. For something more obvious n hassle-free, perhaps eyelash extensions or falsies would work better? But that's another story for another time.

Have a good weekend! :)

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How are you lovelies doing?

Hello everyone!

I'm really sorry to have been MIA for a loooooong time :( I've been caught up with life off-line and with my limited "band-width", haven't been blogging for some time. I found twitter a nice option tho (140 characters or less!) ;P n have been tweeting no end. Do add me on twitter too if you like :) Drop me a note when you add me tho, so I'll know who you are and add you back!

A disclaimer here: This post has nothing (well, not much anyway) to do with skincare nor cosmetics ...

Well, what has Pinky been up to the past couple of months? Sept was an awfully busy month at work for me. Let's just say I'm glad it's over ;P

In Oct, I had the opp to go for a uber long trip to the US of A. Well, not that long as in years or months, but I was there almost the entire month. It was an eye-opener for me. I still have loads to digest on tho it's been some weeks since I came back. Let me know if you're interested and I'll try to distill out the more interesting titbits of that trip ;)

And now here we are in Nov. The weather has turned cool - yes, incredible but it has happened, right here on our little sunny isle. I'm bringing out more of my cardis and jackets. I think they're a nice touch/add-on to my daily work dresses plus a gd additional layer should the office air-con get too cold.

The strap of my work-bag is falling to pieces n my sis bought me a really gorgeous pink-n-black one as a replacement. It goes incredibly well with the bag charm aichaku made for me. I'll try to take some photos n post it up soon. Remind me! :)

In k-drama land, anyone (other than Yumeko, whom I've been fan-girling wif ;P) watching "You're Beautiful"? Don't let the synopsis nor title fool you. It's achingly funny n incredibly addictive. You can read episode recaps here by the awesome Javabeans.

I know I owe some of you product reviews and prices. I'll get to it before this month is over. Gdness, it has been a while. Thanks for being patient with me!

In the meantime, something I've been reading recently. Thot it too good not to share.

Have a lovely beautiful day! ^^

Elie Wiesel's Acceptance Speech, on the occasion of the award of the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, December 10, 1986

It is with a profound sense of humility that I accept the honor you have chosen to bestow upon me. I know: your choice transcends me. This both frightens and pleases me.

It frightens me because I wonder: do I have the right to represent the multitudes who have perished? Do I have the right to accept this great honor on their behalf? ... I do not. That would be presumptuous. No one may speak for the dead, no one may interpret their mutilated dreams and visions.

It pleases me because I may say that this honor belongs to all the survivors and their children, and through us, to the Jewish people with whose destiny I have always identified.

I remember: it happened yesterday or eternities ago. A young Jewish boy discovered the kingdom of night. I remember his bewilderment, I remember his anguish. It all happened so fast. The ghetto. The deportation. The sealed cattle car. The fiery altar upon which the history of our people and the future of mankind were meant to be sacrificed.

I remember: he asked his father: "Can this be true?" This is the twentieth century, not the Middle Ages. Who would allow such crimes to be committed? How could the world remain silent?

And now the boy is turning to me: "Tell me," he asks. "What have you done with my future? What have you done with your life?"

And I tell him that I have tried. That I have tried to keep memory alive, that I have tried to fight those who would forget. Because if we forget, we are guilty, we are accomplices.

And then I explained to him how naive we were, that the world did know and remain silent. And that is why I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. Sometimes we must interfere. When human lives are endangered, when human dignity is in jeopardy, national borders and sensitivities become irrelevant. Wherever men or women are persecuted because of their race, religion, or political views, that place must – at that moment – become the center of the universe.

Of course, since I am a Jew profoundly rooted in my peoples' memory and tradition, my first response is to Jewish fears, Jewish needs, Jewish crises. For I belong to a traumatized generation, one that experienced the abandonment and solitude of our people. It would be unnatural for me not to make Jewish priorities my own: Israel, Soviet Jewry, Jews in Arab lands ... But there are others as important to me. Apartheid is, in my view, as abhorrent as anti-Semitism. To me, Andrei Sakharov's isolation is as much of a disgrace as Josef Biegun's imprisonment. As is the denial of Solidarity and its leader Lech Walesa's right to dissent. And Nelson Mandela's interminable imprisonment.

There is so much injustice and suffering crying out for our attention: victims of hunger, of racism, and political persecution, writers and poets, prisoners in so many lands governed by the Left and by the Right. Human rights are being violated on every continent. More people are oppressed than free. And then, too, there are the Palestinians to whose plight I am sensitive but whose methods I deplore. Violence and terrorism are not the answer. Something must be done about their suffering, and soon. I trust Israel, for I have faith in the Jewish people. Let Israel be given a chance, let hatred and danger be removed from her horizons, and there will be peace in and around the Holy Land.

Yes, I have faith. Faith in God and even in His creation. Without it no action would be possible. And action is the only remedy to indifference: the most insidious danger of all. Isn't this the meaning of Alfred Nobel's legacy? Wasn't his fear of war a shield against war?

There is much to be done, there is much that can be done. One person – a Raoul Wallenberg, an Albert Schweitzer, one person of integrity, can make a difference, a difference of life and death. As long as one dissident is in prison, our freedom will not be true. As long as one child is hungry, our lives will be filled with anguish and shame. What all these victims need above all is to know that they are not alone; that we are not forgetting them, that when their voices are stifled we shall lend them ours, that while their freedom depends on ours, the quality of our freedom depends on theirs.

This is what I say to the young Jewish boy wondering what I have done with his years. It is in his name that I speak to you and that I express to you my deepest gratitude. No one is as capable of gratitude as one who has emerged from the kingdom of night. We know that every moment is a moment of grace, every hour an offering; not to share them would mean to betray them. Our lives no longer belong to us alone; they belong to all those who need us desperately.

Thank you, Chairman Aarvik. Thank you, members of the Nobel Committee. Thank you, people of Norway, for declaring on this singular occasion that our survival has meaning for mankind.

From Les Prix Nobel. The Nobel Prizes 1986, Editor Wilhelm Odelberg, [Nobel Foundation], Stockholm, 1987

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Great Gatsby

I've heard so much about this book but can I confess something? I've never read it. If you have, pls share your thoughts about it with me! :)

Anyways, you know this post isn't about the book right? *grin* I've received an invite to the launch party of the Longchamp Gatsby, happening tomorrow, 11 Sep, at ION Orchard.

Sorry, I was too lazy to take a photo of the mailed invite but this was what I found online.

This is turning out to be a year of surprises and invitations galore where I got myself invited to stuff like product launches and sponsored facials and all. A very big thank you to all you angels out there who made these things possible!! *hugs & kisses*

Well, I took at peek at the Longchamp site for the preview of the Gatsby bag and so far I'm liking what I see :)

At first glance, the Gatsby reminded me a little of Hermes' Kelly and Birkin. But after reading the marketing materials (hey, what can I say, marketing works! ;P) on this, I'm starting to perk up and look at it with more interest.

Here's a write-up of the inspiration behind this new bag from the Longchamp site:
"Longchamp draws its inspiration from the Belle Époque in order to surprise us: elegant and eccentric, this new GATSBY collection pays homage to the golden age of jazz. Inspired by the androgynous beauty of women during the 1920s, this line is distinguished by its refined details and its neutral and masculine shapes which conceal a glamorous leopard-print lining. As you can see, in the image of women everywhere, the GATSBY bags keep their cards close to their chest."

"Nodding to the decadent glamour of the Jazz Age and the androgynous beauty of its heroines, the Gatsby overlays its delicate nostalgia with a very modern sensibility and an utterly contemporary design.

The Gatsby's three minimalist, almost masculine shapes are counterpointed by the sensual look of its leather, a supple, touch-me calfskin with a subtle caviar grain. Its details are elegantly understated, but all the more striking: a geometric brushed gold or polished chrome-finish lock, the Longchamp racehorse in flawless tonal stitching and, above all, a front pocket whose zipper is highlighted by a flamboyant flash of suede.

The lining tells a different story, discloses an unsuspected facet of the Longchamp woman. The luxe digitized leopard print is a secret indulgence she reveals to her intimates alone…."

My first feel of the bag: there's more than meets the eye. At first look, it looks like a classic bag with clean lines and functional designing which Longchamp is known for. Then when you start looking at details, ah, that's where the fun begins :) The inner lining of the bags are in leopard print! Which is such a big difference from the outside. I thought it felt like an elegant lady in a sharp suit but with delicately intricate lace innerwear except in this case, it comes with leopard prints *lol*

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the party tomorrow. Shall try my best to sneak in photos if I can :)

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Dr Jart in Singapore!

I've heard quite a bit about Dr. Jart, so imagine my delight and amazement when I found out that Watsons has brought in 4 items from the Dr Jart range of products.

Though there was no sign (yet) of the famous Dr Jart BB Cream hydrating spray(?)/mist(?), I was contented for the time being with the range of 2 BB creams and 2 products for acne and blackheads.

Wasted no time in laying my hands on the 2 BB creams as soon as I could today :) Watsons is having a 20% discount on some products til 4 Sep I think. These happened to be under the discount as well, so I was rather happy with my buy. Really looking forward to trying them out.

I found mine at the Watsons at Tiong Bahru Plaza but I think these should be available at most Watsons stores esp those which carry a good range of makeup/cosme brands.

Have fun trying them out :) I'm looking forward to the weekend! Yippee :)

* All photos from Watsons

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Scrumptious duck

How was your weekend everyone? I enjoyed every bit of mine; the only complaint was that the weekend was too short! ;P

Had dinner at a restaurant which specialises in herbal roast duck. It was scrumptiously deliciously: the skin was crisp, crackling to the bite yet meltingly soft on the tongue, almost dissolving instantly. Ah, I'm almost drooling at the memory of it *kekeke*

As usual, some food photos to share wif you. Have a good week ahead!

That's the name of the place. The whole place was decorated to resemble a Chinese inn in ancient times with the wait staff's uniform fitting into the theme as well.

Chinese spinach poached in soup, with herbs and dried fish. I forget the name of the fish but they were deliciously crunchy.

Steamed fish slices with Chinese red dates and mushrooms. Soft yet firm to the bite, the sauce added just that extra dimension of taste.

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the duck. I think the picture sort of says it all.

And for dessert, I had a herbal jelly type of thingy which can be rather bitter but is oh so good for complexion and health. Pour on honey on top and enjoy spoonfuls of the cold jelly goodness :)

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sheer indulgence

Got the opportunity to do a guest review on the luxurious and aptly titled Sheer Indulgence Facial at The World of Organic Skincare, thanks to Aichaku of Beautification. Below is an excerpt of the review which is posted on her blog.


Thanks to Aichaku of Beautification, I got to sample the luxurious and aptly titled Sheer Indulgence Facial at The World of Organic Skincare.

World of Organic Skincare

Firstly, some facts:

The World of Organic Skincare is located at 468 River Valley Road, right opposite Valley Point Shopping Centre. Their number is 68380168 and other than facials, they also provide a whole menu of other spa services like nail treatments, massages and yes, even Brazillian waxing.
spa menu

The World Of Organic Skincare distributes 2 organic skincare brands: Living Nature, which is free from synthetic ingredients and preservatives, and Organic Apoteke, a line of organic cosmetics and skincare based on ayurvedic principles.
Living Nature Organic Apoteke

I was hosted by the director of The World of Organic Skincare, Lawrence Chee and my therapist for the Sheer Indulgence facial was the lovely Mei Lin who is also the GM.

The facial:

The session started with my filling up a form, listing my typical skincare routine and my concerns regarding my skin. Mei Ling used this as an assessment tool for my facial as The World Of Organic Skincare customizes their facials according to different skin types. The only thing in common is the manuka honey mask because it is very gentle and suitable for all skin types. On top of that, I really like the fact that all their products are pumped out on the spot at the cocktail bar according to customers’ needs; nothing is pre-prepared.

Treatment room

As I have sensitive skin, Mei Lin recommended that I use the Enzyme mask and the Hydrating mask rather than the Kaolin clay peel. The Kaolin clay peel is an exfoliating treatment which has the added benefits of brightening overall skin tone, with firming and lifting properties to boot.

The facial started with makeup removal and cleansing. I had the option of testing out both the milk cleanser as well as the foaming cleanser. What was interesting to me is that the foam from the foaming cleanser actually comes from a plant called gum-digger's soap. No chemicals or foaming agents were used to create the suds which is rather magical for me :)

Read abt the background and the rest of the review here.


Updates on 24 Aug:
I've received some enquiries on the price of the facial and other details. Have checked with Lawrence via email and this is his reply:

The Sheer Indulgence Facial costs $138 and lasts about 75 minutes because of all the products and procedures used during the facial.

"A couple of ways to get a better deal...
1) buy $150 worth of products to be a Privileged Customer and get $150 worth of Treatment vouchers plus discounts on future purchases (15% on products and 20% on treatments) - this is like getting a free Sheer Indulgence :)
2) Go for the package (for the moment, I think it's buy 6 get 3 free)....we usually don't push this unless the customer enquires, but it is another great deal and something we offer customers who enjoy the facials very much."

So there you have it. Do feel free to check them out if you're interested (contact details are at top of post) and have fun!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nanoce BB cream

I bought this some time back but hadn't had the chance to use it. As you know, I've been enamoured of my Lotree for some time. It's difficult to get out of a comfort zone esp when it's been working so well for me. Plus the fact I've sensitive skin makes that much more difficult to venture out in new territory.

But I finally did n got some pictures of the process to boot! :) I'm feeling proud of myself kekeke.

Here's my picture review of the product. Be warned tho: scary photo ahead.

Nanoce BB cream

My sensitive blotchy skin after moisturiser but before using any makeup

This is the amount I used for my entire face. It's not as creamy as Hanskin or Lotree but I find that a little goes a long way. Coverage-wise, it is lighter than Hanskin Super Magic BB.

Et voila! The result. I thought it did a rather good job of covering my blotches.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Interesting pastas

I'm beginning to enjoy August more and more. Not just it's nearing the end of the hot and humid season but also, somehow there're more things to do, more things to see; people are just more alive in August.

Tried a couple of new pastas this weekend. And as usual, I couldn't do without an ice cold blended drink :)

Scrumptious fish fillets with penne in a robust lobster bisque sauce. I really like the fish - crisp, firm yet easily forkable - it's really light for summer.

This is an interesting take on the normal carbonara - turkey ham and mushrooms in a carbonara sauce. Not too heavy even if it's a carbonara sauce, I think they used less cream or maybe it's a non-fat cream in the white sauce?

Mixed berry granita. Tart n refreshing, I could return again just for this. Perfect for the seaside or the pool if you have one ;)

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Rimmel extra super lash

Just a short, quick post to gush about my latest mascara ;)

I bought some Rimmel mascaras quite a while ago. Haven't had the chance to use them or post any reviews yet.

Finally took out the waterproof extra super lash building mascara this week and today's my 2nd time wearing it.

I LOVE it.

For some one who rubs her eyes a lot, this mascara is a godsend. It goes on easily; something about the brush makes it catch my tiny Asian lashes well. It builds up well; I got really long n defined lashes. It DOESN'T flake; believe me, I rub my eyes more than I really should, but I still do it anyway. And it stayed put.

Best part of all, it comes off easily with makeup remover. I've a bone of contention with mascara removal with the Majo Majo ones but with this one, it was a breeze. I put eye makeup remover on cotton pads, place them over for lashes for abt 1 min, then gently swipe. Et voila! Everything goes off. I wash my face as per normal cos I don't like the oily residue of my makeup remover but that's it :) Easy peasy.

At $13.90, I think this is quite a steal plus if you have the Watson's card now, you get some points too ;)

My 2 cents worth. Have a good weekend everyone! Was on course the past couple of days. Gimme some time to catch up with all your blogs n your lives :)

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fish head steamboat

This is turning into a food blog ;)

Can't help it, I've been eating really well recently. Good food, nice company, quaint places - wat more could a beanie want?

Went out wif some frens tonight to a little steamboat place near KK Hospital. Let me know if you'd like the address and stuff. My fren drove, so I was blissfully unaware of my surroundings. Lol.

Liked the place alot as they were rather old-school: for one thing, they still served their steamboat in those metal pots with charcoal in the middle. The fish was fresh and the soup really addictive. Take a look at the pics and see if you agree ;)

The fish head steamboat which came in this traditional pot. Look at how milky the soup is.

Loads of fish chunks, seaweed and veggies. Yummilicious.

The shop's signature beancurd in seafood sauce.

Not sure if you can tell from the picture but the beancurd was really soft and yielding to the bite.

We also ordered prawn paste chicken and stir-fried veggies.

Total bill came up to around $80 for 5 people, inclusive of drinks. I thought that's rather value for money, don't you think?

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Monday, August 10, 2009

It never rains but it pours

First the beauty stuff :)

I've been lazy recently, just comfortably going abt my daily skincare/makeup routine without putting much thought to it. Have not been shopping for a while - was supposedly on a shopping diet which seemed to have worked for a bit. Downside of it tho: I tend to pull out all stops when I really do buy something.

Case in point: Was browsing Sasa this afternoon for an eyelash curler. I seemed to have misplaced it somewhere, somewhere which led to me wearing mascara without curling my lashes first. Do I hear a collective gasp of horror from my makeup sisterhood in cyber space? ;P Yeah, that's how far I've gotten, lol.

Anyway, I was in Sasa. Decisions, decisions. So many eyelash curlers in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours ... aaacck. Believe me I stood before the display rack for quite some time. In the end, I got these:


On a fangirl note, there's this Taiwanese drama serial, Black & White, which I've been watching on and off. The story is a straight-forward cop-and-robbers kinda stuff, not breaking any new ground here. I watch it more for the eye-candy in the form of Vic Zhou and Mark Chao. If you like Hana Yori Dango or the Korean Boys over Flowers/Boys before Flowers, well, Vic Zhou is one of the original Taiwanese F4 who filmed the Taiwanese version of Hana Yori. He's the guy in the character of Hanazawa Rui :)

Anyway, I happened to be at the same shopping mall where there was a fan meet-and-greet for the main cast of Black & White.

Look at that crowd. It was drizzling but the fans were there. Had to rush off for a prior appt tho, else I would have hung around a bit to try and get my very first fangirl moment in action ;P and to see how these stars look like in person of course. Oh well.

Have a good week ahead everyone!

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Welcome to August

And it's got to be the hottest month ever. The heat is sweltering but I'm so grateful for my Lotree BB prime control base (or the equivalent of a bb cream from Lotree). I forget that I'm wearing anything tho I may be sweating buckets.

Anyways, haven't been doing much in the makeup dept recently due to the heat. I have however been stuffing myself wif good food ;). Need the air-conditioning! And wat better way to enjoy the cool air whilst inhaling some yummilicious food?

I have a thing for dim sum. Took the opportunity during this long weekend for a nice leisurely dim sum lunch. The only picture I took as I was too busy eating ;P This is a prawn and mango roll with wasabi sauce. Delightfully light and crispy!

Dessert from dinner last nite. Something sweet and cold for a hot summer night. This is yam wrapped in black glutinous rice skin, coated with grated coconut. It's like heaven in my mouth really.

Saw this at some restaurant when I was having lunch the past week and couldn't resist. H1N1 or Influenza A or swine flu or watchamacallit is very much on everyone's minds these days :(

Btw, time flies. I'm already at my 101 post! Wow :) Have a happy weekend everyone!

Stay safe, stay happy, stay healthy. Hugs to all.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Say hello to my latest summer dress

Thanks to the many online ads as I go about my daily business, I've been greatly aided and abetted in doing some serious online shopping. So much for being on a shopping diet; I think I completely forgot about that since my Guerlain purchases.

Since the temperature has been climbing steadily recently, I was on the lookout for a nice (read: cheap & pretty) summer dress for the weekends. Came across while surfing one blue Monday and was attracted by the dresses available on the site. For ladies who're more inclined towards Japanese and Korean fashion, this is a nice place to check out esp if you're new to online shopping.

There's a size chart, payment terms are clearly laid out, shipping fees are free for people residing in Singapore (yay!) and they also provide larger images of the items sold.

I placed an order for the Suzanne Floral Maxi Dress on Monday. An invoice arrived in my inbox within 2 hours and I was asked to make payment before my order is shipped out to me. Payment was fuss free via PayPal and I liked the fact that PayPal had a verification status on this seller. Yes, it doesn't guarantee a lot of stuff but hey, it made me feel better anyways ;)

Maybe I just live in a small place ok? Order was placed on Monday and I got my dress on Wed. Yippee! I'm glad. Here're some pics of my new dress. Do you like it as much as I do? ;)

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Food glorious food

The weather has been sweltering recently. I've taken to drinking more icy stuff. Appetite tends to go off in weather like this but thankfully, there's always nice toasted sandwiches with loads of cheese :)


Icy fruity strawberry & peach ice blended drink

Cheesy toast sandwich with olive oil veggie dressing

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Guerlain 2009 Summer Look Workshop

So, I attended the Guerlain workshop yesterday :)

There was a fairly big turnout, maybe around 30 participants if I'm not mistaken? The presenter was a trainer with Guerlain whose name I couldn't quite catch. The presentation started off with an introduction to the House of Guerlain - their history, their philosophy on perfumes, makeup and skincare.

Then it went on to showcase the summer collection. I've to say, the containers/packaging of the summer collection is LOVE *hearts* If you've used Japanese, French and cosmetics from various different places, you know how each brand reflects a certain cultural design aesthetic and sensibility? Well, Guerlain is pure French - thoughtful, whimsical, delightful.

Anyway, a volunteer was requested from the audience after which the trainer proceeded to showcase the various products from the summer collection. The products used were also passed around and I had the chance to test out the texture of various things as they came by. The textures were delightful for the creams and gels: light, not sticky, absorbs quickly and with a light fragrance. Now, you know I'm not a fan of scented stuff, so I could do without the fragrance but otherwise I was really tempted to break my shopping diet ;D

After the demonstration, we were invited to several different tables where mirrors and products were already prepared. Tissues, cotton buds were passed around for ladies who wished to remove their makeup and try on the summer collection.

I wandered around the various standees looking at the products on display. Had a tiring day and was abt to call it a night when my eyes rested on a small table by the side. There were testers available though no one was around to do any show and tell. Managed to get some questions through to the trainer as she passed by and realised this was the Terracotta collection.

I was very impressed by the design aesthetics and product textures of a few things which I tried. Being on a shopping diet, took some time before I convinced myself and surrendered to the siren's call of "Buy, buy, buy" ;P Finally narrowed down the list to 3 ;)

Here are the photos of what I got, the goodie bag and some photos from the evening. Enjoy!

Testing out the blue Kohl eyeliner for the summer range

Guerlain's summer collection

The colours for the summer KISSKISS stick gloss

My goodie bag

Samples galore - can't wait to try them out

The stuff I bought from the Terracotta collection

L-R: tinted lip balm, mineral eyeshadow in Holy Smoke, mineral eyeshadow in Paradise Sand

A thoughtful touch: a mirror hidden in the cap of the lip balm

The eyeshadow applicator got me: looks like a little cotton stub, oh-so-easy to apply

To find out more about Guerlain, click here.

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