Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Taiwan makeup haul

I've been really busy at work and getting home late. Don't get to see the sun much these couple of days! Thot I'd better post a quick pic of some of my makeup hauls from Taiwan while I can.

Sorry the lighting's so bad.

This is a tiny fraction of what I bought. Guess you can tell I bought a lot of lippies and BB creams. Had read so much abt Nanoce and Hanskin, couldn't pass up the opportunity when I saw them ;P Almost wanted to cart the entire Lavshuca standee back wif me but common sense prevailed plus I've never ever tried this brand b4, so thot I'd better err on the side of caution. Tho now that I'm back, I wonder, why didn't I buy more?! Lol.

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Too Faced Vintage Sale

In some other news, Too Faced is having a mega sale online until Apr 6 for their vintage vault items. Should I or should I not? Ah... decisions.

Check it out here.

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Woot! Taiwan was lovely but I was longing for my own bed and pillows after 8 days ;) The food was interesting, the people were mostly charming, the scenery was breathtaking n the SHOPPING ... the shopping is incredible.

Bought tons of stuff. Will update as and when I can. As it is, I've yet to unpack! o_0 n here I am starting another week in the office.

Talk to ya later!

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Big eyes are in

Read this online and thought it too good not to share. The before and after photos were really convincing too ;) The main photo shows the model after makeup whilst the inset shows her as she is BEFORE the 'big eye' makeup. This was done using the new Maquillage range of makeup by Shiseido.

Some tips from the article:
  • Be daring in use of colour. Pat colour on, specifically each end of eye, then blend it in.

  • For lasting eye shadow, cream base is highly recommended

  • Eye liner is still in, albeit drawn in a more natural manner and blended together with eye shadow.

Read the entire article here.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Discover the Boétie bag...The new wave Monogram...

Received this in my mailbox today. LV has a new bag out in the Monogram range.

Is it just me, or is LV trying out stranger and stranger shapes? I'm still rather undecided on this new style. Well, whether this bag is named after Étienne de La Boétie or not, only time will tell if it's going to be a classic in the likes of the Speedy.

Read more here.

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Lotree, an organic cosme brand from Korea

Came across this Lotree store while out shopping during lunch one day ;) Have heard so much about this brand previously, couldn't pass up the chance to browse around the store and immediately made a beeline for the BB cream display ;P They've only 1 BB cream product on display with SPF, so I decided to get that. Have been plagued recently with chapped lips due to the strange weather we've been getting, so I was rather interested in the lip balm too.

I can be quite a scaredy cat when it comes to new products, so I asked the very nice SA if they've any travel sized items available. They did! The products weren't cheap compared to Skin Food or The Face Shop, so I thought it was good they had travel sized products (with correspondingly lower prices tags ;P). My wallet (n my heart) wouldn't hurt so badly if things don't work out with the products and I've to abandon them after the first try.

The SA was also very generous with samples. As I was very hesitant to try out their other base products, she gave me some samples of the triple balance makeup base, saying it was their best-selling item as well as the Kelly water night pack which is supposed to regenerate my skin as I sleep.

I've yet to try either of these samples. Maybe I'll do a review after I come back from Taiwan ;)

What I did use and have been using are the lip balm and the BB cream. Both have a faint flower fragrance - not over-powering, but I'm quite sensitive to smells, so it did register. However, it is a habit of mine to smell any new products before I use them, so you may not really register it. The smell was not an issue for me, esp for the BB cream. I did like that there was no oxidisation smell after several hours of wear - you know, that faint 'metallic' sort of smell after some time? Maybe I've been using too many drugstore brands in my youth ;P

The lip balm was interesting. It came in the form of a clear jelly, almost konnyaku-like. I applied it using my fingers (ok, ok, not very hygenic but that's just me). It felt light on my lips - no gooey sticky feeling, so that was good. After a couple of mins, I noticed my lips were redder as if I'd applied lipstick or gloss. Was told by the SA that the lip balm would improve circulation and hence the reddish hue but it was interesting to see it in action. Maybe that's how all these Korean actresses get their natural looking lips?

As for the BB cream, the texture was very light. I used almost the same amount as I usually do for my Skin Food BB cream. It was easy to apply, nice even coverage, no bumps on skin and maybe this is just psychological but did I notice my skin looking more Korean-porcelain-like??? Lol.

Check out their website and brick-&-mortar store here.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Let's go to Taipei

Found this travel guide online. Woot! Lots of travel tips and ideas, places to go, things to see and buy. Check out the site at http://www.taipeieasygo.com.tw

Boy, I'm looking forward to my trip :D

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Makeup removers

Tho I don't wear makeup for work, I do like to try out new stuff over the weekends. Among all the makeup items, my fave has got to be the eye makeup items: eye shadow, liner, mascara ... love them all :)

Given my stick-straight lashes, I've been using waterproof mascara all this while. It works great for me, I don't have to worry if I should tear or happen to touch my eyes or watever. However, I always get a headache when it's makeup removal time.

Yeeks. That actually is the main inhibitor to my using makeup - wat goes on, must come off. I sometimes think I actually take abt as much time taking eye makeup off as I do putting it on.

At this moment in time, I'm using Kao Biore's Cleansing Oil for my face and Maybelline's eye & lips makeup remover for eye makeup. Thinking of trying something new hehe... it's the inner shop-a-holic in me coming out.

Wat abt you? Any particular recommendations of makeup removers that you really really like?

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bag rental

Rented my first bag ever from www.thatbagiwant.com - a dark blue Fendi Spy :)

I've to say, I'm quite pleased with the customer service and the whole rental process. An sms from www.thatbagiwant.com was sent to me abt one week after I placed a reservation for this bag, stating that it will be available in a few days and would I want to rent it?

I replied in the affirmative and was then directed to the website to pay. Payment was via credit card and it was very easy. Got my electronic receipt and then all I had to do was wait for the courier to turn up at the appointed time.

Was also able to choose which day I wanted the bag delivered as well as the time slot. Time slots start all the way from 10am in the morning til 10pm at night. I thot that was very convenient esp for people who come home late :)

Had some engagements that nite the bag was supposed to arrive but the parents were home and signed receipt for the bag. It was a very nice surprise to come home to a parcel waiting for me :)

The bag came in a huge paper bag. I like the logo of the company - looks classy and the paper bag definitely looked crisp n new. I'm a bit finicky like that, oops ;P Clipped to the paper bag was an envelope with a note enclosed to me. That felt so personal and customised, tho the letter was of a standard template on bag care n return instructions.

The Fendi came in its own dust bag. No biggie. The detail which caught my eye was the satin pillow inside the Fendi, a customised 'filler' so-to-speak, helping to hold the whole bag in shape. Wow, I like that :)

Anyway, after using the bag, I found it too heavy for me tho it's really roomy and the size/proportions were perfect. Returning is a breeze too (my rental period is one week, with option to extend). I'd just went online just now and clicked "Return" :) Again, chose a date n time suitable for me. Now just waiting for the courier to come n get the bag.

Next up, the Balenciaga Giant City! Woot. Just received an sms that it will be available for rent in a few days' time. *In anticipation*

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Me and my handbags

Oh dear, oh dear. I've a confession to make.

I bought ANOTHER bag. Yes, after all the noble intentions to make full/good use of my orange Rabeanco, alas, my wandering eye was caught by another.

I bought a Kate Spade tote. My very first Kate Spade ever. Have been eyeing this for some time... Hee... Ok, so I'm not very monogamous when it comes to handbags. Or shoes. Or makeup. Or ... oh, tons of other non-animate stuff.

Anyway, I finally made up my mind today. If I could find the tote, I'm going to buy it. Went to the Kate Spade store at Raffles City and was attended to by 2 very nice sales persons. After showing me the bag, I asked for some time to think abt it. I was ushered to one of the seats around the shop while I dug out my phone to give my sis a call... It was a last ditch effort but anyway, couldn't get her.

So, went ahead and got it :) The bag's really roomy but still light as it's canvas with leather trim. The thing I really liked was the bow in front. Anyway, back to the 2nd sales lady. I asked abt their store returns policy and if they could remove the price tags. She was very patient with my questions and took some effort to wrap in the tissue. I thought the ribbon was very nicely tied too :) A little different from the usual ribbon in the middle.

Here's the unwrapping of my new bag.

To be very honest, I didn't go through the whole prudent process of what I'm going to use the bag for, how long it can last me and yadah, yadah ... I just got it on gut feel.

Using it as my everyday bag now. Am however wondering if I should take it back to exchange it for something else ... like a wallet and a smaller bag? Or something? I rather like this bag BUT just wondering abt the value of it and all... Not sure if I'm making sense. Maybe it's the classic buyer's remorse striking me now.

In another piece of news, I finally rented my 1st bag! *beam* With my love of handbags, have been staking out several sites which rent out handbags for a fee. There're different options: some sites allow you to rent bags on a weekly basis while for others, there's a monthly subscription involved.

This being my first time, I thot I'd dip my toes in a little and try out the weekly basis rental first. No fixed costs every month, I spend only when I really want to rent something :)

Will be getting my Fendi Spy tomorrow. Yippee! Looking forward to it *anticipation*

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Monday, March 2, 2009

Bits & pieces & the flu bug

Sorry I've been a bit slow in my comments and responses to emails, smses etc. Have been down with the flu and knocked out by the cold medication. Wat is it abt cold medication anyway? Seems like they're a bunch of stuff which just makes me sleep n sleep n sleep....

Will get up to speed with some of my masks review soon :)

On the Korean drama front, was watching the KBS drama "Boys over Flowers/Boys before Flowers" on n off while drifting in n out of dreamland the past few days. Tho some parts are a bit too melodramatic for me, I agree wif aichaku, it's quite funny (as in entertaining n lol fun). That helped my flu a bit :) That show also opened up another world to me aka the Korean entertainment universe. Shall try to look up more forums, fan blogs, variety shows when I've the energy to.

In the meantime, have a good AND HEALTHY week ahead everyone! :) Talk to you soon :)

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