Saturday, July 18, 2009

Guerlain 2009 Summer Look Workshop

So, I attended the Guerlain workshop yesterday :)

There was a fairly big turnout, maybe around 30 participants if I'm not mistaken? The presenter was a trainer with Guerlain whose name I couldn't quite catch. The presentation started off with an introduction to the House of Guerlain - their history, their philosophy on perfumes, makeup and skincare.

Then it went on to showcase the summer collection. I've to say, the containers/packaging of the summer collection is LOVE *hearts* If you've used Japanese, French and cosmetics from various different places, you know how each brand reflects a certain cultural design aesthetic and sensibility? Well, Guerlain is pure French - thoughtful, whimsical, delightful.

Anyway, a volunteer was requested from the audience after which the trainer proceeded to showcase the various products from the summer collection. The products used were also passed around and I had the chance to test out the texture of various things as they came by. The textures were delightful for the creams and gels: light, not sticky, absorbs quickly and with a light fragrance. Now, you know I'm not a fan of scented stuff, so I could do without the fragrance but otherwise I was really tempted to break my shopping diet ;D

After the demonstration, we were invited to several different tables where mirrors and products were already prepared. Tissues, cotton buds were passed around for ladies who wished to remove their makeup and try on the summer collection.

I wandered around the various standees looking at the products on display. Had a tiring day and was abt to call it a night when my eyes rested on a small table by the side. There were testers available though no one was around to do any show and tell. Managed to get some questions through to the trainer as she passed by and realised this was the Terracotta collection.

I was very impressed by the design aesthetics and product textures of a few things which I tried. Being on a shopping diet, took some time before I convinced myself and surrendered to the siren's call of "Buy, buy, buy" ;P Finally narrowed down the list to 3 ;)

Here are the photos of what I got, the goodie bag and some photos from the evening. Enjoy!

Testing out the blue Kohl eyeliner for the summer range

Guerlain's summer collection

The colours for the summer KISSKISS stick gloss

My goodie bag

Samples galore - can't wait to try them out

The stuff I bought from the Terracotta collection

L-R: tinted lip balm, mineral eyeshadow in Holy Smoke, mineral eyeshadow in Paradise Sand

A thoughtful touch: a mirror hidden in the cap of the lip balm

The eyeshadow applicator got me: looks like a little cotton stub, oh-so-easy to apply

To find out more about Guerlain, click here.

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aichaku-愛着 said...

woot! v cool! :D

Jamilla Camel said...

Lucky you! Why don't they do this stuff in London?!