Thursday, April 15, 2010

HMV in Shibuya

Had the opportunity to visit Tokyo past couple of weeks. Couldn't resist popping into the HMV at Shibuya, if only to see if the Japanese people really like Korean music (or the hallyu wave, they call it) as much as I've been reading abt it online.

I realised HMV has a very good collection of K-pop and are really up-to-date with what's on the scene at the moment.

Take a look ... ...

Btw, I think Tohoshinki/DBSK/东方神起 is really hot in Japan. They've a whole display devoted to them (that's one whole wall of peraphernalia) and 1 whole row of shelves. Whew.

PS: Pls DO NOT hotlink the photos. Thank you.

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