Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The days have been getting longer lately, with the sunset getting later each day. Temperature is inching up and I'm longing for icy fruity smoothies.

Got this in my mailbox today. What a wonderful way to start a new season .... by shopping! LOL. Looking forward to summer :)

Ten Tips for Successful Summer Casual Dressing

If you are interested in building an affordable and practical casual wardrobe this season, read on! These ten tips are designed to be your road map. Use them to bring focus to your shopping and organization to your closet:

#1 Think About Lifestyle.
Before you shop, jot down the casual activities you like doing and the clothes that make you feel your best doing them. Getting focused ahead of time about the types of clothes and accessories you actually need to build a functional casual wardrobe will keep you on track at the store.

#2 Determine Your Retail Sizing.
Many women settle for less than a perfect fit, especially with their casual clothing. Taking the time to know your correct size — petite, missy, plus or some combination — will make creating a look that fits and flatters easier. Yes, even sweat suits can fit you well and make you feel good!

#3 Pick Your Base Neutrals.
Black, white, khaki, navy and stone are good warm weather neutrals and mix and match well with a variety of brighter colors and prints.

#4 Bottoms Up.
Focus on bottoms first — pants, shorts, Capris, skirts and jeans. Once you are happy with these selections, add a minimum of three tops for each.

#5 Pick a Signature Color.
To further simplify your wardrobe, consider accenting base neutrals with one hue that you love. Stock up on tops, bags, shoes and other accessories in the same shade of this color and you will get many looks with fewer pieces than you ever imagined — promise!

#6 Know Your Fabrics.
For extra ease and comfort in the warmer weather, opt for machine washable, non-iron looks so you can grab, pack and go.

#7 Layer Effectively.
Tees, camisoles, shirts, sweaters and jackets can be combined in a myriad of ways to give you climate control and a polished appearance.

#8 Connect the Dots.
Pay attention to buttons, zippers, stitching and other details on clothes and accessories as you assemble your outfits. Typically, it takes a minimum of three similar metals, colors or other details to pull a look together.

#9 Tie It All Together With Casual Outerwear.
Wraps and rain & shine coats are a necessity for challenging weather and chilly nights, even in the summer. You enjoy all your clothes more when you take the time to think through your outerwear options. Make sure casual outfits are included in this thought process.

#10 Check Out At the Store, Check In With Your Closet.
Before you snip the tags, be sure what you buy complements what you already own. Promptly return anything that is an extra or doesn't make you feel your personal best.

Last Word

Casual clothes help you celebrate everyday moments and should be treated with as much thought and attention as the rest of your wardrobe. There is nothing casual about planning ahead so that you look and feel your personal best no matter the dress code for the days ahead this season!


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