Thursday, March 17, 2011

My very first Banila Co purchase from eBay - Let me BeBe Naked BB Cream

A nice surprise was awaiting me today when I got home from work. Yippee! My Banila Co purchase from eBay has arrived :)

Have been using the Banila Co Let me BeBe Naked BB Cream SPF37PA++ for some time now. Really looove it but haven't had much luck finding a good and reasonablly-priced seller. Imagine my excitement when I saw the listing by Rumistyle shop on eBay. Couldn't resist clicking the "Buy It Now" button immediately.

The package arrived within 1 week, in a nice little carton box from the post office. I was pleasantly surprised on opening the package. Yup, other than the BB cream, the seller Eun Hye had also gifted me with some samples, sweets and a sheet mask. Wow. That was a thoughtful gesture which I did not expect. Feeling really blessed now.

On opening the box: Surprise!

(L-R): BB cream, Banila Co primer, Skinfood Tomato wrinkle sun cream, Royal Jelly mask and polo sweets!

Let me BeBe Naked BB Cream SPF 37PA++ - Totally great on my dry & sensitive skin

Sorry the pictures are a bit "off" and not as well-taken as I'd like them to be. Seeing how I've been spending my daylight hours at work, wonder when I'd be able to get any photos taken or posted, if at all. So, thought I'd better do it while I can.

Do check out Rumistyle shop on eBay if you're looking at getting your hands on some Banila Co stuff. I've had a hard time finding my BB cream, so thought I'd share this gem of a seller which I found. This is definitely not a paid review yeah?

Weekend's coming :) TGIF in advance and have a gd weekend!!

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