Wednesday, February 16, 2011

tcc - February High Tea

Something I discovered recently which I just had to share :)

Whether you have that someone special to share this delectable spread with, or am just going to indulge on your own, this is something not to be missed. I shared it with a friend last weekend; I think the food justifies the calories, lol.

The portion size is good for 2 persons during that peckish period in-between lunch and dinner, esp if you've a good dinner waiting for you ;) Else you can gobble it all up on your own ... though I do think it's quite a substantial portion for one. It also comes with 2 drinks: choice of coffee or tea. I had tea while my friend had coffee and both worked well with the spread.

Oh, one more thing: the pink raspberry macarons are not to be missed! I love macarons and having 2 of them in 1 tea set is just heavenly.

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