Thursday, March 11, 2010

Let's detox Day 4

If there's going to be any falling off the bandwagon on any diet, I guess today is the day.

Was out running about for some meetings in the morning and didn't have the time to think carefully about my food choices. Do I feel guilty or upset? Surprisingly, no, I don't.

I think it's a gd break for me from the routine that I've been having the past 3 days. It also made me realise that wat we eat requires careful planning & effort, much as we would manage our makeup/beauty routines, finances or pretty much else in our lives.

I was at a breakfast meeting, so couldn't pass up the opportunity to grab some finger sandwiches that were beckoning to me on the many trays laid out in the buffet area ;P I had a salmon sandwich, a cucumber & cheese one, 1 turkey breast one and even a peanut butter wif cream cheese one. Yum *drool, slurp, heh*

Lunch was at a food court near the meeting venue. The place was packed but there was no queue for the fried prawn noodles, so how could I resist? Fried prawn noodles it was, all washed down with a nice warm cup of milk tea. I don't usually eat fried prawn noodles as it's not easy to get nicely cooked ones. I'm glad to report: this plate was worth all the calories ^^

Mad rush today, can't wait to get back to wholemeal bread tomorrow!

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