Friday, March 12, 2010

Let's detox Day 5

Today's the 5th & final day of my 1 (work) week experiment. I think we (my colleagues & I) outdid ourselves in the salad department. But more on that later.

There were more meetings in the morning, so I grabbed a quick roti-prata with onions and egg. Roti-prata is a kind of Indian fried pancake made from dough; when made really well, it's an interesting mix of crispy and chewy textures all in one. You can add eggs or veggies or even meat to it. In my case, I like it with onions & an egg :)

Lunch was late today after that hearty breakfast but it was all worth it. Here're the pics which I managed to shoot before the gobbling began ^^

All in all, I think this was a pretty good week. I didn't expect to see much difference as I really did not make that much changes to my diet. However, my pants were loose at the end of the week and I feel more alert in the afternoons than if I'd had a 'normal' lunch. Don't think I could do this for the long term tho as it would require more effort and commitment than this beanie want to put in. Maybe once a week?

Happy weekend!!

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