Thursday, February 5, 2009


More food photos this time. The time is coming for a diet soon. And don't start me on the things I'm planning to eat when in Taiwan... muahahaha... I can't imagine how all I'm going to shave off all these unwanted fat cells.

Anyway, Saizeriya has arrived in Sg! :) It's been there for some time but finally got the opportunity to dine there over the weekend.

I love the homey atmosphere in the restaurant and the service was great. Here're some pics I took while waiting for the food to arrive.

The Saizeriya menu
The menu - bright and cheery :)

Notice the sauc(s)e?
I was deciding between the risottos and spaghettis when I noticed this at the bottom left corner ;P

Corn soup & yummy salad
Yummy corn soup and salad was included in the meal set. LOVE the corn soup - a little sweet; very fragrant.

Mushroom spaghetti in cream sauce
This was what I ordered - mushroom spaghetti in cream sauce.

Another view of the spaghetti
Another look at the spaghetti. Yum!

The mains
The mains at our table.

Tomato & tuna pizza
Since I'm not a fan of fish, I didn't quite like the tuna pizza. Thot it was quite fishy. The fish lovers at the table were lapping it up tho ;P

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