Friday, February 27, 2009

Decleor redemption products

I've been quite blessed to have come across this brand here. This all came about some years ago when there was a credit card promotion for a body massage at a specially discounted price. The spa was centrally located near a train station and I was shopping around for a nice massage place, so everything fit in nicely.

Went for my appt then and was suitably impressed by the service and hygiene standards of the place. Yes, I can be quite finicky abt things that touch my body :) I like that the things used were mainly disposable/for one time usage and that they change the massage bed coverings and towels after each client. Don't be surprised, I've come across shops where they recycle the blanket they cover you with :( That's a big no-no for me btw.

Anyway, I've been happily with this place for some time. Their packages are not cheap but not that expensive. Compared to many other places, I think they're more of the mid-high range bracket. I do a monthly installment payment package which I can use for the entire range of services - facials, massages, waxing. A very very big plus for me is the regular masseuse who has been 'treating' me since almost day One. She was the one who recommended these products below btw.

Decleor skin care is a bit too much for my sensitive skin. They're all natural and made of essential oils and flower essences but well, I just can't use them on a regular basis. I do however, looooove the fragrance of their products :) and their body care range makes me smile.

As I was saying, I got to redeem some products cos of the package. Didn't really have a clue, so was grateful for the recommendations by my masseuse. She asked me some questions, then let me try some stuff and these were wat I returned home with :)

Cleansing water - removes most makeup even waterproof mascara.

Relaxing bath gel - love the fragrance of this. It smells ... just heavenly :)

Essential oil for that fatty thigh ;P It's not sticky, absorbs quickly and I can get dressed almost immediately after application. The smell is a little spicy tho.


This is my fave - SPF8 body milk sunscreen. The SPF factor is not high, so just use this if you're travelling between home and office or home and shopping mall. Wat made me adore this product is the scent AND the little shimmery bits it leaves on my skin. I apply as per any sunscreen product, just spread it out thinly. It leaves my skin moisturised and when the light is right, shows off a very subtle bling ;) Love it!

You can read more user reviews about the spa here, here, here and find it here.

Happy weekend everyone!

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Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

the packaging is lovely
i am quite intriuged!