Friday, February 13, 2009

Shop, shop, shop - SkinLite Masks

Was rather upset over something at work today. Went out for a breather during lunch time to regain some inner peace and sanity.

As usual, went shopping. LOL. Sasa was having promotions on some products AND a overall 7% GST rebate discount storewide. I got some SkinLite masks which are retailing at $1.95 each. There're 6 different types - I got the Royal Jelly, the Aloe, the Seaweed, the Moisturising/Lavender and Green Tea Essence Masks. There's also a Cucumber Essence Mask but since I've dry skin type, decided to pass on that one.

The even better part? You get 1 mask free for every 2 masks you buy ;) I think it's a really good buy - a quick search on eBay shows it retailing at 5 for US$9.95.

Go check it out! ;)

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