Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Me and my handbags

Oh dear, oh dear. I've a confession to make.

I bought ANOTHER bag. Yes, after all the noble intentions to make full/good use of my orange Rabeanco, alas, my wandering eye was caught by another.

I bought a Kate Spade tote. My very first Kate Spade ever. Have been eyeing this for some time... Hee... Ok, so I'm not very monogamous when it comes to handbags. Or shoes. Or makeup. Or ... oh, tons of other non-animate stuff.

Anyway, I finally made up my mind today. If I could find the tote, I'm going to buy it. Went to the Kate Spade store at Raffles City and was attended to by 2 very nice sales persons. After showing me the bag, I asked for some time to think abt it. I was ushered to one of the seats around the shop while I dug out my phone to give my sis a call... It was a last ditch effort but anyway, couldn't get her.

So, went ahead and got it :) The bag's really roomy but still light as it's canvas with leather trim. The thing I really liked was the bow in front. Anyway, back to the 2nd sales lady. I asked abt their store returns policy and if they could remove the price tags. She was very patient with my questions and took some effort to wrap in the tissue. I thought the ribbon was very nicely tied too :) A little different from the usual ribbon in the middle.

Here's the unwrapping of my new bag.

To be very honest, I didn't go through the whole prudent process of what I'm going to use the bag for, how long it can last me and yadah, yadah ... I just got it on gut feel.

Using it as my everyday bag now. Am however wondering if I should take it back to exchange it for something else ... like a wallet and a smaller bag? Or something? I rather like this bag BUT just wondering abt the value of it and all... Not sure if I'm making sense. Maybe it's the classic buyer's remorse striking me now.

In another piece of news, I finally rented my 1st bag! *beam* With my love of handbags, have been staking out several sites which rent out handbags for a fee. There're different options: some sites allow you to rent bags on a weekly basis while for others, there's a monthly subscription involved.

This being my first time, I thot I'd dip my toes in a little and try out the weekly basis rental first. No fixed costs every month, I spend only when I really want to rent something :)

Will be getting my Fendi Spy tomorrow. Yippee! Looking forward to it *anticipation*

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Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

lovely color! very spring and bright

and bag renting! wow i never thought abt trying it before

aichaku-愛着 said...

it's cute! and if u like it, why not? :D do keep us posted abt bag renting!