Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bag rental

Rented my first bag ever from - a dark blue Fendi Spy :)

I've to say, I'm quite pleased with the customer service and the whole rental process. An sms from was sent to me abt one week after I placed a reservation for this bag, stating that it will be available in a few days and would I want to rent it?

I replied in the affirmative and was then directed to the website to pay. Payment was via credit card and it was very easy. Got my electronic receipt and then all I had to do was wait for the courier to turn up at the appointed time.

Was also able to choose which day I wanted the bag delivered as well as the time slot. Time slots start all the way from 10am in the morning til 10pm at night. I thot that was very convenient esp for people who come home late :)

Had some engagements that nite the bag was supposed to arrive but the parents were home and signed receipt for the bag. It was a very nice surprise to come home to a parcel waiting for me :)

The bag came in a huge paper bag. I like the logo of the company - looks classy and the paper bag definitely looked crisp n new. I'm a bit finicky like that, oops ;P Clipped to the paper bag was an envelope with a note enclosed to me. That felt so personal and customised, tho the letter was of a standard template on bag care n return instructions.

The Fendi came in its own dust bag. No biggie. The detail which caught my eye was the satin pillow inside the Fendi, a customised 'filler' so-to-speak, helping to hold the whole bag in shape. Wow, I like that :)

Anyway, after using the bag, I found it too heavy for me tho it's really roomy and the size/proportions were perfect. Returning is a breeze too (my rental period is one week, with option to extend). I'd just went online just now and clicked "Return" :) Again, chose a date n time suitable for me. Now just waiting for the courier to come n get the bag.

Next up, the Balenciaga Giant City! Woot. Just received an sms that it will be available for rent in a few days' time. *In anticipation*

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Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

that does look a bit heavy and bulky
are u hunting for ur perfect bag? hee

aichaku-愛着 said...

was the bag nice and clean?

Juschev said...

The bag is light but then my stuff always gets lost in it;)

Do you like the Bal City??