Monday, March 16, 2009

Lotree, an organic cosme brand from Korea

Came across this Lotree store while out shopping during lunch one day ;) Have heard so much about this brand previously, couldn't pass up the chance to browse around the store and immediately made a beeline for the BB cream display ;P They've only 1 BB cream product on display with SPF, so I decided to get that. Have been plagued recently with chapped lips due to the strange weather we've been getting, so I was rather interested in the lip balm too.

I can be quite a scaredy cat when it comes to new products, so I asked the very nice SA if they've any travel sized items available. They did! The products weren't cheap compared to Skin Food or The Face Shop, so I thought it was good they had travel sized products (with correspondingly lower prices tags ;P). My wallet (n my heart) wouldn't hurt so badly if things don't work out with the products and I've to abandon them after the first try.

The SA was also very generous with samples. As I was very hesitant to try out their other base products, she gave me some samples of the triple balance makeup base, saying it was their best-selling item as well as the Kelly water night pack which is supposed to regenerate my skin as I sleep.

I've yet to try either of these samples. Maybe I'll do a review after I come back from Taiwan ;)

What I did use and have been using are the lip balm and the BB cream. Both have a faint flower fragrance - not over-powering, but I'm quite sensitive to smells, so it did register. However, it is a habit of mine to smell any new products before I use them, so you may not really register it. The smell was not an issue for me, esp for the BB cream. I did like that there was no oxidisation smell after several hours of wear - you know, that faint 'metallic' sort of smell after some time? Maybe I've been using too many drugstore brands in my youth ;P

The lip balm was interesting. It came in the form of a clear jelly, almost konnyaku-like. I applied it using my fingers (ok, ok, not very hygenic but that's just me). It felt light on my lips - no gooey sticky feeling, so that was good. After a couple of mins, I noticed my lips were redder as if I'd applied lipstick or gloss. Was told by the SA that the lip balm would improve circulation and hence the reddish hue but it was interesting to see it in action. Maybe that's how all these Korean actresses get their natural looking lips?

As for the BB cream, the texture was very light. I used almost the same amount as I usually do for my Skin Food BB cream. It was easy to apply, nice even coverage, no bumps on skin and maybe this is just psychological but did I notice my skin looking more Korean-porcelain-like??? Lol.

Check out their website and brick-&-mortar store here.

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aichaku-愛着 said...

ah u listening to ss501! hehe.
"Korean-porcelain-like" skin! sounds good!

past week, my skin started peeling like mad! i don't geddit. so u think it's the weird weather tat causes our dryness?

Jamilla Camel said...

I got the Lotree Mascara as a prezzie from Birkie and it is FANTASTIC! It was made for Asian lashes and I really recommend it.

Juschev said...

They have another shop in singapore carrying their products. Its in china sq plaza or something?