Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Gorgeous lush eyelashes: Foltene Eyelash & Eyebrow Treatment

I was searching around for some eyelash treatments which help in the eyelash dept ;) So happened there was a promotion going on this time around and I thot I'd give this brand a try. Have not heard much abt this, nor came across any reviews but well, here goes :)

People who read my blog know I really like gd service. I sent in an enquiry abt this product last week but didn't hear from them, so I thot it was a no go. Received a follow-up email yesterday from the company, saying they've not heard from me since their first reply and was I still interested in the product? I went searching round my mailbox. Oh. They were actually very prompt in responding but somehow that first mail ended up in my spam folder. LOL. Kudos to the customer service lady for taking the initiative to check back with me *thumbs up*

Which led me to this purchase. The whole process was very fuss-free. I replied via email with my particulars yesterday, stating my preferred delivery time. And voila, it was delivered to my office today at the appointed time. Payment was cash on delivery and the package came in a nice paper bag with some brochures on the active ingredients of the product.

Here it is :)
Maybe it's just me but I felt rather assured when I saw the "Best Beauty Buys" winner award sticker on the packaging ;)

It looks like any other mascara tubes on the outside.

The brush looked really interesting and the bristles look as if they'll really do a good job in distributing the product to every single strand of my lashes.

I'll be trying it out later tonight. Cross my fingers, it should work within 2 weeks (that's what the brochure claimed). Wish me luck!

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Yumeko said...

ooh i cant wait to hear how it goes

btw we didnt fangirl enough on ss501 or F4 yesterday
we totally should have

aichaku-愛着 said...

hope this one works for u, let us know how it goes! i'm using the dhc one now, only been a few days, so i can't tell whether it's working much for me.

Whit said...

good luck hun! let us know!! :)

catharine said...

hi there! been reading your blog for some time... :) been wondering whatever happened to this foltene eyelash treatment thing! you never updated us about it... :( hope you'll review the foltene eyelash treatment soon! :)