Friday, May 8, 2009

I spy with my little eye: Biore Pore Pack

Saw these interesting little things while out at lunch yesterday. Sorry if the photos are a little blurred. That's the best my mobile's camera can do.

Sweet peach and White grape; fruity flavours direct from Japan. Just in time for summer, don't you think? ;)

We don't actually have distinct seasons here. It's more of cool n rainy weather, hot weather, hot n rainy weather, even hotter weather ;P June, July are generally the hottest months of the year. It also coincides with most of the school holidays, so it's the closest we get to summer here.

I'm looking forward to wearing my summery frocks!

Listening to: Lisa Ono 小野リサ - Fly Me To The Moon
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ning * star said...

wow, this is yummy nose pack <3

MiuMiu said...

wow i never knew nose packs could be so yummy looking haha

prettybeautiful said...

first time seeing strawberry nose pack O_o the black strip is amazing! my fav <3