Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Top Ten Fashion Picks: Spring/Summer 2009 (

Came across this Top 10 list today (courtesy of and thought it helpful :) I was planning on a shopping spree, so my wants are now more focussed. Lol.

#1 Yellow and Gray
Gray continues as a popular base neutral. Yellow accents it nicely this season.

#2 Gladiator Sandals
They work as well with cigarette pants as they do with mini-dresses and pencil slim skirts. Pick a heel height that works for you!

#3 The Little White Dress
A fresh twist on a perennial classic. Pair it with a jacket or cardigan for work — glam is up for a night out on the town.

#4 A Bright, Big Floral Blouse
Belt it over anything or wear it as a soft, flowing jacket over a simple dress.

#5 Pencil Skirts
High-waisted silhouettes, below the knee hems and stiletto heels give them modern appeal.

#6 Colorful, Oversized Handbags
Pick a hue you love and wear it with everything! Across the body straps make them particularly chic.

#7 Denim Galore
Classic jeans, of course, but also jackets, vests, and skirts too. White and black denim provide a fashion-forward contrast with colorful tops and accessories.

#8 Ballet Flats
Choose those with a slight heel & snipped toe for a fresh look.

#9 The Boyfriend Jacket
The mid-thigh length and rolled up sleeve give it signature style.

#10 High Impact Jewelry
Think big. Think bold. Think bargain. Scout out tony boutiques, garage sales and your grandmother’s jewelry chest for one of a kind pieces that you’ll love to wear!

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To be honest, I'm not sure how gladiator sandals, a big floral blouse, denim and the Boyfriend jacket will work for me, esp in my work environment. But the rest, that I can live with :) And I do adore pencil skirts, colourful handbags and ballet flats *hearts*

Any comments on how you're preparing for the summer? As I'd explain earlier, it's more of a fashion season for us here (rather than an actual change in seasons) but it's still fun for me to mentally change gears and the hot weather recently has been helping.

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