Thursday, May 14, 2009

Giant Balenciaga City

Have been wanting a Balenciaga ever since they came out with their motorcycle-inspired range of bags. But I got distracted by one bag after another from other different brands and so never managed to get to it.

Finally laid my hands on a Balenciaga City 2 months ago via To read more about my rental experiences with them, click here. This is sorta like dating with bags for me ;) But then again, I don't usually have a long monogamous relationship with any of my bags, so that's besides the point.

I was glad for the opportunity to try this out before I took the plunge so to speak. After using this for 2 days, I realised how un-fit I am n how non-existent my muscles are.

This bag is HEAVY. I don't usually carry junk (see para above on my muscles or lack thereof): wallet, keys, cards, a small brolly, my mobile, tissues & wipes ... and that's it actually. But I thot I had brought my entire wardrobe along when I carried this bag.

Don't get me wrong. The bag design is lovely. The handles fit well; I either carry it on my arm by the 2 short handles or sling it on my shoulder by the longer strap attached. The inner pockets and outer zip pockets are adequate for my daily needs. This bag is ROOMY.

However. I don't think I'll plonk down money to make this mine on a permanent basis. This bag is too heavy for me, esp as I go about my daily routine, going from home to office to spur-of-the-moment shopping to more window shopping, then back home. Leaves me rather exhausted. I also had a difficult time with the zip. This being a slouchy bag, the zip tends to 'slouch' as well and I've a hard time unzipping with one hand while rushing for my train card to board the train. Folks, this bag requires 2 hands. Lol.

I would be happy to hear from happy users of this bag tho. Maybe there's something I'm missing out here.

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MiuMiu said...

that's so cool how you can rent bags out like that..i wonder if toronto has something like that.

Juschev said...

Have you tried the RH? It is much lighter than the SGH on a city:)

Jamilla Camel said...

It's nice to be able to date before you get married, lol!

I've got a Mulberry bag, and it's heavy too...I a lot of designer bags are like that!

pinky"the-middle-name-is-princess"beanie said...

Hi Juschev, RH and SGH?

Juschev said...

Hi Pinky,

Regular Hardware and Giant Silver Hardware:)