Monday, May 11, 2009

Wonderful haul from Tokyo & Seoul

A big thank you to lovely Aichaku of Beautification and Bittenbefore of Welcome to my everyday for these wonderful things :)

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This post has been some time in coming. Sorry I couldn't take better photos of the hauls.

As you know, Aichaku had just been to Tokyo and both Bittenbefore and Aichaku have been travelling to Seoul. Well, I was one of their lucky beneficiaries from their shopping hauls :) I've heard so much abt DHC, so I jumped at the chance to get something from the range when they offered to help with my shopping list.

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This is the Q10 travel kit. It comes in a lovely gold pouch *hearts* and the little bottles are so CUTE. It's a good opportunity for me to try out the range n I can also use this for travel too.

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I've heard much abt the DHC Cleansing Oil, so this was another must buy.

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And these my friends, is the amazing Hanskin haul from Seoul courtesy of Aichaku. She is such a good shopper. Lookit all that full-sized BB creams and loads of samples. The BB creams with Blemish Cover and compact powder came in one special set, while I was told that the Hanskin SAs were really generous with their samples. I could just stare n sigh in happiness for a loooong time :)

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As if these aren't enough, I got another surprise - a beautiful floral patterned emery board. A souuvenir from Seoul, courtesy of Aicaku. This is too pretty to use! I think every girl should have one of these. It makes me feel like a princess whenever I use it to file my nails.

I've to play catch up on my reviews as I've been so pampered by these wonderful people around me. Shall post reviews as soon as I'm done admiring the stuff ;P

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Jamilla Camel said...

OMG!! That Aichaku DOES know how to shop! I'm sure she made a great shopping team with Bitten ;-)

Yumeko said...

wooo i am glad u got these fabulous items!
thanks once again for meeting up!