Saturday, April 18, 2009

Canmake and Sylvie nail polish haul

When I was younger, in that not so distant past, I got caught up in the manicure and pedicure craze which led to me signing up for nail packages with a rather reputable (read: expensive but ok) nail salon in town. After a while, the pain of sitting on my butt for 1 1/2 hours each time plus having to keep my nails long got to me and I decided enough, nice nails or not, I'm not doing this thing anymore.

Ever since then, I've been happily keeping my nails short and my nails on hand and feet have been merrily naked in their natural state. It helped that I've a doctor friend who's now into alternative medicine, warning me abt all the toxins we take in thru the food we eat, the environment and the things we use ... ...

Anyway, I was inspired once again to do something with my nails after coming across the Canmake standee on one of my lunch sprees. Here's what I did with the Canmake and Sylvie nail polishes I bought recently.

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For someone who doesn't 'do' her nails, the amount of nail stuff I have is quite astonishing.

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I started off with clean nails. For me, cotton pads work well to separate my toes plus I use them to wipe off my mistakes.

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Sally Hansen is one brand which I adore for their nail stuff such as nail strengtheners, base coats and top coats. It's relatively cheap and fuss-free for products that work. I'm using this as a base coat. I like to think of it like BB cream for my nails ;P

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This is what I use for the top coat.

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Finished product - Right foot

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Left foot

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My painted toes in all their finery :)

I have shaky hands, so nail polish tend to go on unevenly for me. Any tips on how to minimise that?

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Glamiva said...

Hi! I like your left big toe's nail! Good choice of colors and for your shaky hands, I think you need to place the bottom of your hand (the wrist part) on a table or use the other non-working hand to support it..