Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nails, colourful nails

I think I went a bit overboard in my shopping spree today. Haven't been shopping since I came back from Taiwan, so it's been abt, say, 2 weeks? Lol.

Decided I wanted some colourful nails when I chanced upon the Canmake standee in Watson's today. They've a new series called Colourful Nails - my, they're SWEET! All in pastel colours with a black, white, silver glitter and gold glitter. Best of all, each bottle of nail polish comes with its very own set of nail art bling.

I bought up every single colour in the range except for pink, which was out of stock :~( and the silver glitter as I liked gold better. Shall try out another Watson's outlet to see if I can find the pink.

While at Watson's, found a brand of nail polish going really cheap (cheap, cheap) at $3.90 for 2 bottles, so I couldn't resist and got them as well. Since I'm on a roll, I thot I'd buy a nail polish remover while I'm at it.

Since I wanted colourful nails, I thot I'd try out green as well. Now, this is one colour which I've absolutely never tried in my entire life. Chanced upon this colour at the Ettusais counter as the Canmake range did not include green. Here's how the tester looked. Should I get this or should I comparison shop some more?

Sorry the colours of the nail polishes didn't come out well. I was too lazy to bring out my DSLR and used my point & shoot instead. Oops. Will try to post pictures of my nails once they're done ... maybe this weekend?

Happy shopping everyone!

PS: There were some questions abt the Hello Kitty thingy. Another confession - As I'm bordering on being nit-picky abt the things I used on my face, I sorta used them as bath mittens instead. They lathered the soap-in-a-jar really well and felt heavenly against my skin. These things are really cottony soft, so I guess they would work on the face as well. I just haven't the courage to try it out on mine.

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Yumeko said...

ooh i like that greeen
i wanna see how ur nails turn out