Monday, April 6, 2009

Reviews and stuff from Taiwan

What with work and being sent on courses by my company and family (yes, my mum said I don't talk as much to her as before ... go figure) and stuff ... whew, I feel like a juggler with many balls in the air. The past week got me thinking on this blog and my myriad posts. Plus my hauls from Taiwan and some presents and the arrival of some other hauls, I think I've a lot of material to blog on til like, June? July? ;)

Anyway, was thinking that, henceforth, I'll share more reviews on stuff that I really like and leave out the so-so stuff. Unless it's stuff that's really BAD, which I think I've to put the word out in my little corner of cyberspace too ;)

Here's some photos I took on my recent Taiwan trip. Believe me, I thot I was in heaven ;) Enjoy and have a great week!

This was the DFS counter at the airport before I boarded the plane to Taiwan. Had my first struggle here: should I start buying stuff now, or should I wait for Taiwan in a few hours' time? *kekeke*

A Victoria's Secrets section I came across at DFS. Arrrggghhh, lookit, pretty packaging n PINK!

My Beauty Diary Strawberry special pack for Valentine's Day, consisting of Strawberry Yoghurt mask, Whitening Pearl mask and Eye mask. I saw this at Cosmed, one of my fave shops in Taiwan. At that point in time, I did not have any luggage space left, so don't ask me why I didn't buy this. I'm still sorta kicking myself!

Have you ever regretted not buying something?

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Yumeko said...

omg that special pack!
i wish u got it too cos i want it

its says yume on it!!! hahaha

Jamilla Camel said...

Thanks for the cosmetic porn...much appreciated!

Yumeko said...

we'll have to organise something
with aichaku as well!! go shopping and eating haha