Thursday, April 30, 2009

Random post

Something random for today.

I'm looking forward to the looooooooong weekend! There're tons of things I've to catch up on and organise. Let's see ...
  • I've to take photos of all my stuff from my Taiwan haul. Have been wanting to share with you but just couldn't keep up, wat with work and stuff. Perhaps it's also part denial - I can't believe I bought so much! Yikes.

  • Review on my mascara haul. Can I confess something? Other than the 2 Rimmel mascaras, I also bought 3 other different mascaras. Oops.

  • Sort out my bags

  • Take photos, take photos, take photos

Sorry to sound fussy, I've just a thing abt light (or the lack thereof). There's this love-hate relationship with the sun. I'm glad when the sun's out in full force (yay, brilliant photos) but then again it can get really hot :( I'm not very enthusiastic abt taking photos at night as my room light looks really harsh and I'm not that good a photographer to work around that. So.


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MiuMiu said...

i'm so happy it's almost friday hehe..i have a long weekend too cuz apparently in korea there's buddha's birthday and i think childrens day..whoohoo!
yah the MM mascara is tough to remove. i don't think 'ive ever not lost a lash while removing it...bah!