Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Beauty books

Recently, I've been reading up on skin and skin care whenever I get the time to. Am always grateful for the library for its vast collection. I've always managed to get the books I want, when I want it. For a fee of $1.55 per book, I can place a reservation on the title and specify which particular library I wish to pick it up from. This reservation service has spoilt me in a way ;P I hardly browse libraries anymore; I just go to the online catalogue, search for my book and place a reservation. Wait for the sms notification that my book is ready for collection; go to the library and pick up my book. All the physical work gets done for me ;D hee...

These are 2 books which I'm reading recently. Very informative. I like them as they contain useful information which I can apply in my everyday life.

Look out, here comes the next beauty guru ;P muahahaha....

Awakening beauty the Dr Hauschka way by Susan West Kurz
A book written by the current president of Dr Hauschka International. I like the gentle tone of the book. It explains things in a simple manner, nothing too esoteric yet I don't feel that I'm being talked down to.

It also reinforced my perception on wholistic beauty, that is, to be truly beautiful, we have to take care of our body, soul (mind, will, emotions) and spirit (the spiritual side of things). Gave me quite a bit of food for thot and I'm planning to implement some ideas into my everyday life.

Natural prescriptions for women: What to Do-and When to Do It-to Solve Dozens of Female Health Problems-Without Drugs
This was an eye-opener of a book for me. It also sent me into a mild panic in the beginning as the closet hypochondriac within me starting wondering if I'm having this problem or that. LOL.

But taken in a positive light, this book educated me on the myriad of problems a woman can have if she doesn't take care of herself and the many ways to rectify that. Very informative read. Just don't let your imagination get too active and start wondering around ;)

After reading these 2 books, I realised, with beauty, it all starts with love - love for ourselves, love for nature, love for the people around us; receiving love. The trick is how to put it all in balance and to express that love in the right manner, at the right place and at the right time. Perhaps this is where wisdom comes in.

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