Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kinokuniya magazine haul

Remember the 20% discount at Kinokuniya? It was actually a pleasant surprise for me. I'm a major fan of Japanese fashion & beauty mags though my knowledge of 日本語 is really elementary at best. But. I really really like to read these mags. Those pics! The products! The gifts included with a particular issue! *jumping with excitement*

So, how could I pass up the opportunity to buy more titles when there's a 20% discount sale going on? Not that I need much excuses to begin with... LOL.

These were the issues I bought:

Can Cam (Jan & Feb 09 issues), JJ (Feb 09) and Oggi (Feb 09). I find Oggi targeted at a relatively older or more affluent audience whereas the other 2 titles are younger. On a side note, I like Baila too cos of Blenda ;P But it wasn't available that day plus they've changed cover models, so.

A pleasant surprise with the purchase of Can Cam Jan 09 was the lovely bag charm from MZ Wallace. If I'm not mistaken, MZ Wallace seems to be quite an up-and-coming brand now in Japan? Anyway, the bag charm is lovely. And I've got it hanging on my everyday bag now :D

Here's a close-up shot of it. I like the cheery red colour very much. For a freebie, it feels heavy in my hand and looks very well made. Could have been any of the bag charms being sold in the shops nowadays.

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aichaku-愛着 said...

hahaha!!! i still recall the time when i wanted to pass u japanese mags and u told me "if it's oggi i dun want it!" like it's the plague of death to read oggi. LOL!!

pinky"the-middle-name-is-princess"beanie said...

LOL!! Ah, so speaks the young n foolish eh? ;P I plead youthful ignorance!!