Tuesday, January 6, 2009

On hair, curls and curling irons

I've a question: what curling irons, hair tongs, curling tongs or watchamacallit do you use for curling your hair?

Have had wavy long hair for the past year. Like my curls a lot but not too keen on the frequent trips to maintain the perm, so thought of DIY-ing my curls at home. Would like something within S$100 if possible. Other criteria would be:

  • Ease of use esp for a beginner like me

  • Gentle on my hair (hey, I'd like to take care of whatever I've got! ;P)

  • Did I mention fast to curl?

Hee... basically something really good and friendly for non-pro users. Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated!!

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Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

i use a GHD which is not under a 100 dollars but it was the first curler/straightener i bought so i dont know about other brands [i still have and use it XD]

its ceramic so its better for ur hair and heats up faster than anything else on the market so curls immediately.

pinky"the-middle-name-is-princess"beanie said...

Wow, sounds good. Must be a good product if you're still using it. Thanks for the tip on using ceramic curlers :) Will check it out!