Wednesday, January 28, 2009

大 S beauty books 1 &2: 美容大王 & 揭发女明星

Borrowed these 2 books from the library last week. 大 S is a female artiste from Taiwan who is well-known for her talent as well as her grooming.

When I learnt that she had a new beauty book published, my first thoughts were to check out Kinokuniya for availability of books 1 & 2. Well, the response was book 2 is available whereas book 1 is out of stock. Hmm, so it's back to my friendly library and the $1.55 ;P

They have both books! *yippee* They were ready for collection and I picked them up last night.

While waiting for them to be available, I also did a search online. Lo and behold, I found them online as well. If you read Chinese, these are pretty good resources. I did a quick check, seems like the entire book is available online. You can read them here:

美容大王大S的变美圣方 (that's book 1)

(book 2)

There're some interesting tips which I learnt from book 1 and would like to share them here. Let's talk about hair for instance. I'm taught not to sweep my hair all to one side as it may increase the drag on that side and encourage hair loss. A better way would be to divide them equally instead.

When sitting down, it's best not to 'squash' the precious hair strands between my back and the chair but to part it equally and sweep them in front. Similarly when wearing a seat belt in the car, it's better to place your hair over the seat belt rather than to belt it up as well. *whew* I hope my descriptions here do make sense. Let me know if there's anything unclear.

For skin, to have a fairer and more luminous complexion, she recommends we take note of what we eat. From her own experience, she shares that consuming foods which are white in nature tend to help her whiten her complexion. Foods such as milk, almond milk, soy milk, pearl powder are esp effective for her. And of course, there's the constant need for sunscreen and sun protection in the form of umbrellas, long sleeves and other coverings. I've started using my brolly now whenever I step out for lunch *hehehe* Besides keep me fair, I find this additional protection also reduces the sun irritation of my skin which I usually suffer from after I come back from lunch.

All in all, an informative read :) I would borrow the books or read them online tho, rather than buy them. Better to be more prudent nowsadays! ;P

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Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

she is quite the beauty expert i think but sometimes i find her tooo..i dont know..too poised? too perfect, i like her sister more ^^

pinky"the-middle-name-is-princess"beanie said...

I like her sister too! :) Think she's more comfortable in her own skin.