Thursday, January 22, 2009

Page One

It's the birthday of a friend's daughter next week and we are invited to celebrate with one very special girl on her special day :) Was wandering around Vivocity the other day and happened to pop into Page One.

For book lovers, stationery lovers, lovers of all things kawaii, this is the place to go. Look at what I got:

My 戰利品 from Page One: A bag of Crayola washable markers (can be used on mirrors, glass, windows AND it washes off!), 2 card covers.

Closeup of the markers.

Winnie the Pooh! How cute is that :)

I couldn't resist ;P This is for me.

Believe me, I took a long time before the haul was culled to 3 items. You've no idea the amt of stuff I was juggling between 2 hands. *LOL*

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aichaku-愛着 said...

u're listening to jay chou!!! woot!