Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fish head steamboat

This is turning into a food blog ;)

Can't help it, I've been eating really well recently. Good food, nice company, quaint places - wat more could a beanie want?

Went out wif some frens tonight to a little steamboat place near KK Hospital. Let me know if you'd like the address and stuff. My fren drove, so I was blissfully unaware of my surroundings. Lol.

Liked the place alot as they were rather old-school: for one thing, they still served their steamboat in those metal pots with charcoal in the middle. The fish was fresh and the soup really addictive. Take a look at the pics and see if you agree ;)

The fish head steamboat which came in this traditional pot. Look at how milky the soup is.

Loads of fish chunks, seaweed and veggies. Yummilicious.

The shop's signature beancurd in seafood sauce.

Not sure if you can tell from the picture but the beancurd was really soft and yielding to the bite.

We also ordered prawn paste chicken and stir-fried veggies.

Total bill came up to around $80 for 5 people, inclusive of drinks. I thought that's rather value for money, don't you think?

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Jamilla Camel said...

It all looks delicious!!

Here is where I'm not Asian enough...I don't like fish heads!!

Miss.Friendz said...

Your pics are making me hungry LOL!