Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sheer indulgence

Got the opportunity to do a guest review on the luxurious and aptly titled Sheer Indulgence Facial at The World of Organic Skincare, thanks to Aichaku of Beautification. Below is an excerpt of the review which is posted on her blog.


Thanks to Aichaku of Beautification, I got to sample the luxurious and aptly titled Sheer Indulgence Facial at The World of Organic Skincare.

World of Organic Skincare

Firstly, some facts:

The World of Organic Skincare is located at 468 River Valley Road, right opposite Valley Point Shopping Centre. Their number is 68380168 and other than facials, they also provide a whole menu of other spa services like nail treatments, massages and yes, even Brazillian waxing.
spa menu

The World Of Organic Skincare distributes 2 organic skincare brands: Living Nature, which is free from synthetic ingredients and preservatives, and Organic Apoteke, a line of organic cosmetics and skincare based on ayurvedic principles.
Living Nature Organic Apoteke

I was hosted by the director of The World of Organic Skincare, Lawrence Chee and my therapist for the Sheer Indulgence facial was the lovely Mei Lin who is also the GM.

The facial:

The session started with my filling up a form, listing my typical skincare routine and my concerns regarding my skin. Mei Ling used this as an assessment tool for my facial as The World Of Organic Skincare customizes their facials according to different skin types. The only thing in common is the manuka honey mask because it is very gentle and suitable for all skin types. On top of that, I really like the fact that all their products are pumped out on the spot at the cocktail bar according to customers’ needs; nothing is pre-prepared.

Treatment room

As I have sensitive skin, Mei Lin recommended that I use the Enzyme mask and the Hydrating mask rather than the Kaolin clay peel. The Kaolin clay peel is an exfoliating treatment which has the added benefits of brightening overall skin tone, with firming and lifting properties to boot.

The facial started with makeup removal and cleansing. I had the option of testing out both the milk cleanser as well as the foaming cleanser. What was interesting to me is that the foam from the foaming cleanser actually comes from a plant called gum-digger's soap. No chemicals or foaming agents were used to create the suds which is rather magical for me :)

Read abt the background and the rest of the review here.


Updates on 24 Aug:
I've received some enquiries on the price of the facial and other details. Have checked with Lawrence via email and this is his reply:

The Sheer Indulgence Facial costs $138 and lasts about 75 minutes because of all the products and procedures used during the facial.

"A couple of ways to get a better deal...
1) buy $150 worth of products to be a Privileged Customer and get $150 worth of Treatment vouchers plus discounts on future purchases (15% on products and 20% on treatments) - this is like getting a free Sheer Indulgence :)
2) Go for the package (for the moment, I think it's buy 6 get 3 free)....we usually don't push this unless the customer enquires, but it is another great deal and something we offer customers who enjoy the facials very much."

So there you have it. Do feel free to check them out if you're interested (contact details are at top of post) and have fun!

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