Saturday, August 8, 2009

Welcome to August

And it's got to be the hottest month ever. The heat is sweltering but I'm so grateful for my Lotree BB prime control base (or the equivalent of a bb cream from Lotree). I forget that I'm wearing anything tho I may be sweating buckets.

Anyways, haven't been doing much in the makeup dept recently due to the heat. I have however been stuffing myself wif good food ;). Need the air-conditioning! And wat better way to enjoy the cool air whilst inhaling some yummilicious food?

I have a thing for dim sum. Took the opportunity during this long weekend for a nice leisurely dim sum lunch. The only picture I took as I was too busy eating ;P This is a prawn and mango roll with wasabi sauce. Delightfully light and crispy!

Dessert from dinner last nite. Something sweet and cold for a hot summer night. This is yam wrapped in black glutinous rice skin, coated with grated coconut. It's like heaven in my mouth really.

Saw this at some restaurant when I was having lunch the past week and couldn't resist. H1N1 or Influenza A or swine flu or watchamacallit is very much on everyone's minds these days :(

Btw, time flies. I'm already at my 101 post! Wow :) Have a happy weekend everyone!

Stay safe, stay happy, stay healthy. Hugs to all.

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Jamilla Camel said...

ooh! Summer food porn!

When we were staying at a small hotel in Bruges last month, we were required to use hand santizer before entering the breakfast room!