Friday, August 14, 2009

Rimmel extra super lash

Just a short, quick post to gush about my latest mascara ;)

I bought some Rimmel mascaras quite a while ago. Haven't had the chance to use them or post any reviews yet.

Finally took out the waterproof extra super lash building mascara this week and today's my 2nd time wearing it.

I LOVE it.

For some one who rubs her eyes a lot, this mascara is a godsend. It goes on easily; something about the brush makes it catch my tiny Asian lashes well. It builds up well; I got really long n defined lashes. It DOESN'T flake; believe me, I rub my eyes more than I really should, but I still do it anyway. And it stayed put.

Best part of all, it comes off easily with makeup remover. I've a bone of contention with mascara removal with the Majo Majo ones but with this one, it was a breeze. I put eye makeup remover on cotton pads, place them over for lashes for abt 1 min, then gently swipe. Et voila! Everything goes off. I wash my face as per normal cos I don't like the oily residue of my makeup remover but that's it :) Easy peasy.

At $13.90, I think this is quite a steal plus if you have the Watson's card now, you get some points too ;)

My 2 cents worth. Have a good weekend everyone! Was on course the past couple of days. Gimme some time to catch up with all your blogs n your lives :)

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(( SKY )) said...

Sounds good, I will keep an eye for that next time.