Monday, August 17, 2009

Interesting pastas

I'm beginning to enjoy August more and more. Not just it's nearing the end of the hot and humid season but also, somehow there're more things to do, more things to see; people are just more alive in August.

Tried a couple of new pastas this weekend. And as usual, I couldn't do without an ice cold blended drink :)

Scrumptious fish fillets with penne in a robust lobster bisque sauce. I really like the fish - crisp, firm yet easily forkable - it's really light for summer.

This is an interesting take on the normal carbonara - turkey ham and mushrooms in a carbonara sauce. Not too heavy even if it's a carbonara sauce, I think they used less cream or maybe it's a non-fat cream in the white sauce?

Mixed berry granita. Tart n refreshing, I could return again just for this. Perfect for the seaside or the pool if you have one ;)

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