Monday, December 29, 2008

Some favourites

Was on leave today and couldn't resist the 20% discount at Kinokuniya. Before I got to the store however, I was waylaid by the "bling" at Watson's again. LOL.

These are from Majolica Majorca. The SA was really helpful and friendly. Yes, for a 'drugstore' brand, there's actually an SA who bothered to come up to me and talk to me abt the relative merits of the colours and functions of the cosmetics. I already like this brand to begin with. Now, the brownie points just keep adding up.

Ok, to review this: I've to put this in context. I'm a relatively newcomer to the makeup scene and I don't usually wear makeup even for work. But there've been a spate of weddings to attend recently and some other occasions. Was putting on eye makeup for a close friend's wedding dinner recently and had the inspiration to do a smoky look using my Kose makeup coffret. Sorry no photos as I was rushing that night. I thot the look came out pretty well overall but realised I need some eyeliners!

So back to Majolica. I bought the SV802 - a smoky glittery grey and BR606 - a nice brown which I feel will go well with the brown Eye Fantasist in my Kose coffret. The pencils were really soft and easy to draw. Just a gentle swipe across the back of my hand and there was a well defined line of colour. I'll learn to do colour swatches next time.

I also got the Christmas limited edition BR799. It was the "limited edition" that got me ;) Plus I liked the purplish tones of the palette. A nice change from my Kose brown and beige.

As for this, it's an old standby from Ettusais. It gets rid of my pimples in double quick time, calms and soothes the red spots and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. Double thumbs up for a great product :)

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Kimberly Tia said...

ohhhhh I just love the Majolica Majorca line from Shiseido, I have two palettes from them, and I just can't get enough!!! and I'm amazed by all the lovely colors and the pigments of them!

You're blog is adorable!