Friday, August 28, 2009

Dr Jart in Singapore!

I've heard quite a bit about Dr. Jart, so imagine my delight and amazement when I found out that Watsons has brought in 4 items from the Dr Jart range of products.

Though there was no sign (yet) of the famous Dr Jart BB Cream hydrating spray(?)/mist(?), I was contented for the time being with the range of 2 BB creams and 2 products for acne and blackheads.

Wasted no time in laying my hands on the 2 BB creams as soon as I could today :) Watsons is having a 20% discount on some products til 4 Sep I think. These happened to be under the discount as well, so I was rather happy with my buy. Really looking forward to trying them out.

I found mine at the Watsons at Tiong Bahru Plaza but I think these should be available at most Watsons stores esp those which carry a good range of makeup/cosme brands.

Have fun trying them out :) I'm looking forward to the weekend! Yippee :)

* All photos from Watsons

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Scrumptious duck

How was your weekend everyone? I enjoyed every bit of mine; the only complaint was that the weekend was too short! ;P

Had dinner at a restaurant which specialises in herbal roast duck. It was scrumptiously deliciously: the skin was crisp, crackling to the bite yet meltingly soft on the tongue, almost dissolving instantly. Ah, I'm almost drooling at the memory of it *kekeke*

As usual, some food photos to share wif you. Have a good week ahead!

That's the name of the place. The whole place was decorated to resemble a Chinese inn in ancient times with the wait staff's uniform fitting into the theme as well.

Chinese spinach poached in soup, with herbs and dried fish. I forget the name of the fish but they were deliciously crunchy.

Steamed fish slices with Chinese red dates and mushrooms. Soft yet firm to the bite, the sauce added just that extra dimension of taste.

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the duck. I think the picture sort of says it all.

And for dessert, I had a herbal jelly type of thingy which can be rather bitter but is oh so good for complexion and health. Pour on honey on top and enjoy spoonfuls of the cold jelly goodness :)

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sheer indulgence

Got the opportunity to do a guest review on the luxurious and aptly titled Sheer Indulgence Facial at The World of Organic Skincare, thanks to Aichaku of Beautification. Below is an excerpt of the review which is posted on her blog.


Thanks to Aichaku of Beautification, I got to sample the luxurious and aptly titled Sheer Indulgence Facial at The World of Organic Skincare.

World of Organic Skincare

Firstly, some facts:

The World of Organic Skincare is located at 468 River Valley Road, right opposite Valley Point Shopping Centre. Their number is 68380168 and other than facials, they also provide a whole menu of other spa services like nail treatments, massages and yes, even Brazillian waxing.
spa menu

The World Of Organic Skincare distributes 2 organic skincare brands: Living Nature, which is free from synthetic ingredients and preservatives, and Organic Apoteke, a line of organic cosmetics and skincare based on ayurvedic principles.
Living Nature Organic Apoteke

I was hosted by the director of The World of Organic Skincare, Lawrence Chee and my therapist for the Sheer Indulgence facial was the lovely Mei Lin who is also the GM.

The facial:

The session started with my filling up a form, listing my typical skincare routine and my concerns regarding my skin. Mei Ling used this as an assessment tool for my facial as The World Of Organic Skincare customizes their facials according to different skin types. The only thing in common is the manuka honey mask because it is very gentle and suitable for all skin types. On top of that, I really like the fact that all their products are pumped out on the spot at the cocktail bar according to customers’ needs; nothing is pre-prepared.

Treatment room

As I have sensitive skin, Mei Lin recommended that I use the Enzyme mask and the Hydrating mask rather than the Kaolin clay peel. The Kaolin clay peel is an exfoliating treatment which has the added benefits of brightening overall skin tone, with firming and lifting properties to boot.

The facial started with makeup removal and cleansing. I had the option of testing out both the milk cleanser as well as the foaming cleanser. What was interesting to me is that the foam from the foaming cleanser actually comes from a plant called gum-digger's soap. No chemicals or foaming agents were used to create the suds which is rather magical for me :)

Read abt the background and the rest of the review here.


Updates on 24 Aug:
I've received some enquiries on the price of the facial and other details. Have checked with Lawrence via email and this is his reply:

The Sheer Indulgence Facial costs $138 and lasts about 75 minutes because of all the products and procedures used during the facial.

"A couple of ways to get a better deal...
1) buy $150 worth of products to be a Privileged Customer and get $150 worth of Treatment vouchers plus discounts on future purchases (15% on products and 20% on treatments) - this is like getting a free Sheer Indulgence :)
2) Go for the package (for the moment, I think it's buy 6 get 3 free)....we usually don't push this unless the customer enquires, but it is another great deal and something we offer customers who enjoy the facials very much."

So there you have it. Do feel free to check them out if you're interested (contact details are at top of post) and have fun!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nanoce BB cream

I bought this some time back but hadn't had the chance to use it. As you know, I've been enamoured of my Lotree for some time. It's difficult to get out of a comfort zone esp when it's been working so well for me. Plus the fact I've sensitive skin makes that much more difficult to venture out in new territory.

But I finally did n got some pictures of the process to boot! :) I'm feeling proud of myself kekeke.

Here's my picture review of the product. Be warned tho: scary photo ahead.

Nanoce BB cream

My sensitive blotchy skin after moisturiser but before using any makeup

This is the amount I used for my entire face. It's not as creamy as Hanskin or Lotree but I find that a little goes a long way. Coverage-wise, it is lighter than Hanskin Super Magic BB.

Et voila! The result. I thought it did a rather good job of covering my blotches.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Interesting pastas

I'm beginning to enjoy August more and more. Not just it's nearing the end of the hot and humid season but also, somehow there're more things to do, more things to see; people are just more alive in August.

Tried a couple of new pastas this weekend. And as usual, I couldn't do without an ice cold blended drink :)

Scrumptious fish fillets with penne in a robust lobster bisque sauce. I really like the fish - crisp, firm yet easily forkable - it's really light for summer.

This is an interesting take on the normal carbonara - turkey ham and mushrooms in a carbonara sauce. Not too heavy even if it's a carbonara sauce, I think they used less cream or maybe it's a non-fat cream in the white sauce?

Mixed berry granita. Tart n refreshing, I could return again just for this. Perfect for the seaside or the pool if you have one ;)

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Rimmel extra super lash

Just a short, quick post to gush about my latest mascara ;)

I bought some Rimmel mascaras quite a while ago. Haven't had the chance to use them or post any reviews yet.

Finally took out the waterproof extra super lash building mascara this week and today's my 2nd time wearing it.

I LOVE it.

For some one who rubs her eyes a lot, this mascara is a godsend. It goes on easily; something about the brush makes it catch my tiny Asian lashes well. It builds up well; I got really long n defined lashes. It DOESN'T flake; believe me, I rub my eyes more than I really should, but I still do it anyway. And it stayed put.

Best part of all, it comes off easily with makeup remover. I've a bone of contention with mascara removal with the Majo Majo ones but with this one, it was a breeze. I put eye makeup remover on cotton pads, place them over for lashes for abt 1 min, then gently swipe. Et voila! Everything goes off. I wash my face as per normal cos I don't like the oily residue of my makeup remover but that's it :) Easy peasy.

At $13.90, I think this is quite a steal plus if you have the Watson's card now, you get some points too ;)

My 2 cents worth. Have a good weekend everyone! Was on course the past couple of days. Gimme some time to catch up with all your blogs n your lives :)

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fish head steamboat

This is turning into a food blog ;)

Can't help it, I've been eating really well recently. Good food, nice company, quaint places - wat more could a beanie want?

Went out wif some frens tonight to a little steamboat place near KK Hospital. Let me know if you'd like the address and stuff. My fren drove, so I was blissfully unaware of my surroundings. Lol.

Liked the place alot as they were rather old-school: for one thing, they still served their steamboat in those metal pots with charcoal in the middle. The fish was fresh and the soup really addictive. Take a look at the pics and see if you agree ;)

The fish head steamboat which came in this traditional pot. Look at how milky the soup is.

Loads of fish chunks, seaweed and veggies. Yummilicious.

The shop's signature beancurd in seafood sauce.

Not sure if you can tell from the picture but the beancurd was really soft and yielding to the bite.

We also ordered prawn paste chicken and stir-fried veggies.

Total bill came up to around $80 for 5 people, inclusive of drinks. I thought that's rather value for money, don't you think?

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Monday, August 10, 2009

It never rains but it pours

First the beauty stuff :)

I've been lazy recently, just comfortably going abt my daily skincare/makeup routine without putting much thought to it. Have not been shopping for a while - was supposedly on a shopping diet which seemed to have worked for a bit. Downside of it tho: I tend to pull out all stops when I really do buy something.

Case in point: Was browsing Sasa this afternoon for an eyelash curler. I seemed to have misplaced it somewhere, somewhere which led to me wearing mascara without curling my lashes first. Do I hear a collective gasp of horror from my makeup sisterhood in cyber space? ;P Yeah, that's how far I've gotten, lol.

Anyway, I was in Sasa. Decisions, decisions. So many eyelash curlers in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours ... aaacck. Believe me I stood before the display rack for quite some time. In the end, I got these:


On a fangirl note, there's this Taiwanese drama serial, Black & White, which I've been watching on and off. The story is a straight-forward cop-and-robbers kinda stuff, not breaking any new ground here. I watch it more for the eye-candy in the form of Vic Zhou and Mark Chao. If you like Hana Yori Dango or the Korean Boys over Flowers/Boys before Flowers, well, Vic Zhou is one of the original Taiwanese F4 who filmed the Taiwanese version of Hana Yori. He's the guy in the character of Hanazawa Rui :)

Anyway, I happened to be at the same shopping mall where there was a fan meet-and-greet for the main cast of Black & White.

Look at that crowd. It was drizzling but the fans were there. Had to rush off for a prior appt tho, else I would have hung around a bit to try and get my very first fangirl moment in action ;P and to see how these stars look like in person of course. Oh well.

Have a good week ahead everyone!

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Welcome to August

And it's got to be the hottest month ever. The heat is sweltering but I'm so grateful for my Lotree BB prime control base (or the equivalent of a bb cream from Lotree). I forget that I'm wearing anything tho I may be sweating buckets.

Anyways, haven't been doing much in the makeup dept recently due to the heat. I have however been stuffing myself wif good food ;). Need the air-conditioning! And wat better way to enjoy the cool air whilst inhaling some yummilicious food?

I have a thing for dim sum. Took the opportunity during this long weekend for a nice leisurely dim sum lunch. The only picture I took as I was too busy eating ;P This is a prawn and mango roll with wasabi sauce. Delightfully light and crispy!

Dessert from dinner last nite. Something sweet and cold for a hot summer night. This is yam wrapped in black glutinous rice skin, coated with grated coconut. It's like heaven in my mouth really.

Saw this at some restaurant when I was having lunch the past week and couldn't resist. H1N1 or Influenza A or swine flu or watchamacallit is very much on everyone's minds these days :(

Btw, time flies. I'm already at my 101 post! Wow :) Have a happy weekend everyone!

Stay safe, stay happy, stay healthy. Hugs to all.

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