Sunday, December 21, 2008

A|X sale!

It's the lead up to Christmas and the Christmas mood is all in the air. Esp in the office, among my colleagues. We've taken to lunching out almost everyday last week ;) And spending our lunch hrs in the shopping malls. LOL.

So, on Thurs, we went to Taka. Boy, I really got the urge to shop, shop, shop, wat with the Christmas carols, the signs plastered all around, screaming "SALE!". It's hello consumerism, goodbye dollar bills. Hee.

After getting some Christmas gifts, I had 10mins before regrouping with my colleagues. I couldn't resist dashing into A|X (one of my favourite brands - when it's on sale). I was 5 mins late in meeting my colleagues but I got this nice bubble denim skirt and a wool cardi which is in the wash now. Will try to post pics of that when it's back.

Total shopping costs for the 2 pieces = $200. Whew.

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