Friday, December 26, 2008


I was on my way to a dinner appointment and couldn't resist popping into the Sasa along the way. It's one of those places where I never get bored browsing. There's always new stuff in store and you never know when they may have discounts on some products ;)

I had been reading some good reviews on Koji. So I made sure to keep an eye out for that brand while scanning the eyelash curler corner. And there it was. There were 2 sizes - one No. 73 and the other No. 70. I chose No. 70 since the blurb said it's specially formulated for Asian eyes. That's how I choose lots of stuff ;)

Also got 2 lip balms.

Aloe lip balm by Silk Whitia. It has a faint aloe fragrance and the balm goes on smoothly. I really like the colour too. A pastel green for the tube and even paler shade of green for the balm.

Mentholatum Lip Pure which is made from natural beeswax and is suitable even for the most delicate skin. It was available in 2 flavours. I chose the Bergamot one.

Have been looking for a reliable sunscreen for some time. Was rather excited when I read the blurb for this Clarins one. There were no testers available for this, so it was a leap of faith so to speak, that the product will deliver what the blurb promised. Boy was I glad when I tried it out at home. It left no sticky residue, there was a faint floral fragrance (really nice! *thumbs up*) and best of all, my sensitive skin took to it really well.

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