Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's all in the eyes

I was at Watson's this afternoon. Fast becoming one of my favourite haunts, esp the cosmetics section. I'm into eye make up recently. Spent quite a bit of time just poring over the mascaras and eyeshadows. Whoo-eee :)

In the end, I bought:

Fiber-wig mascara Christmas limited edition by Deja Vu. The pink tube and かわいい phone charm (not shown) was the clincher.

Curly extension mascara by Maybelline. The marketing tagline screams, "No. 1 in Japan". And it's pink. So. But the blurb says it's smudge proof and is perfect for first time users of mascara, so I guess that applies to me. Still a novice at makeup this bean.

A Four Shiny Eyes palette by CANMAKE. I *heart* this brand. It's cheap, the textures are great, the colours are lovely. I've yet to dislike anything I bought from this brand tho I can't use them fast enough before the expiry date. Then again, that's cos I use makeup only on rare occasions, not that the products expire fast. This is a purple coloured palette with gun metal shimmer shadow on the right most, then purple, a lighter lilac and finally the white highlight colour. A bold choice for me, since I've not used purple ever ;) See how things go...

Revlon 3D Extreme Mascara. I've used this before. It's good *thumbs up* Easy to apply, rather smudge proof though I tend to rub my eyes. Bought this in black.

Watsons has a 10% discount promo now for users of AMEX credit cards, so there's another 10% on top of whatever store discounts they may have. Total spending today: $68.30

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Yumeko said...

wow tats a lotta mascara XD
i cant wait to see how u go! do share!!!!

canmake for me is hit and miss ,like lottery XD
sometimes good, somethings no good

btw linking u back!

aichaku-愛着 said...

woot!! i can't wait for your reviews. must review them k? btw, when are u interested in going for mr curry? shall we go on tues night? aft work ... hopefully no OT. and jurlique's official site doesn't allow shipping to singapore ... boohoo