Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sensitive skin

Tested the Jurlique Rebalancing Sensitivity Set on my skin last night and again this morning. This was my regime after cleansing:

Chamomile Soothing Mist
Soothing Herbal Recovery Gel
Biodynamic Beauty Night Lotion
Bio-essence 24K eye contour gel

Chamomile Soothing Mist
Soothing Herbal Recovery Gel
Soothing Day Care Lotion

It stings! *weep*

I was surprised to feel a stinging in the region of my cheekbones a few mins after completing my night regime. Oops.

This morning, I tried again. Except this time, I wanted to isolate the cause of the stinging, so I paused for some time between each step. The stinging came after I sprayed the Chamomile Mist :( It continued after I applied the Soothing Herbal Recovery Gel. Went on after I applied the Soothing Day Care Lotion.

I felt a little better after applying my SkinFood Aloe Sun BB Cream SPF 20 PA - Shade 1. Then horrors. While looking at myself in the mirror, a few mins ago, I saw some tiny little bumps on my skin and 2 noticeable pimples. Oops. Double oops.

I'll try again tonight and tomorrow morning, this time excluding the Chamomile Mist.

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aichaku-愛着 said...

ooooowwwwchhh!!!!! oh noooo... *weep*